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I'm planning my first Pluto install and I am wondering about hardware on which it would work as much effortlessly as possible. I want to deploy  1 Core   + 1 Media Director. I already have pretty powerfull fileserver with Core 2 Duo processor and 2,3 TB raid 6 array. Now I just want to add 2 dvb-t cards to the fileserver and install pluto throuh Xen virtualization on the same machine. As media director I would like to use mac mini as it is very compact and at an affordable price. Will this configuration work? And which dvb-t cards (available in Europe) work best? I have one dvb-t card that I use in computer with Myth TV, but this card can tune all multiplexes only with kernel 2.6.17 and up, and pluto uses kernel 2.6.16. Thanks for any suggestions, links, experiences.

i use a skystart 1 dvb card and works fine
regarding mini mac, we never tried that. i guess you need to figure that by yourself. as far as the hw server config, that looks great.

Thanks for reply. I found out that ATI drivers do not support ATI graphic card that is in Mac Mini. So no 3D acceleration for X. Is that a problem for installing Media Director on the device? What do you use as Media director? I would like something small, aesthetic and quiet, yet powerfull.


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