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Problem in installation - hangs downloading

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I'm having a bit of trouble installing Pluto... I'm doing a hybrid test install, the linux part installs, it prompts me for the extras cd and everything it copies files, and then it opens the cd drive with the extras cd, and says "Get:1 20dev/main pluto-std-plugins (33.5MB)" and it just hangs for a while and then times out.... If I press enter after the time outs, it just goes on with a bunch of "not found" messages, and when it restarts it boots into linux, then when it appears to try starting pluto it just errors and says "waiting for '5 minutes" and doesnt do anythig... I'm trying for the second time to re-install and it just hanged on the Get:1 thing....

am I doing something wrong? is the deb.plutohome just offline for now? is there a way to go back and continue the setup from where it times out? cause each time right now I just re-installed the whole setup...

Just want to make sure I'm not doing something wrong...

thanks a lot!

Eventually I got it working.... It took a few retries of the full install, and it went through.... probably some intermittent problems at the time I was attempting the install! sorry for wasting forum space... anyways, I'm eager to try this out! it looks very nice and I can't wait to get it all working!


I would recommend waiting until the next release date before assessing pluto as the version has many issues due to some bugs that were introduced during the current releaase.

We don't have an actual date for the next release but hopefully it is imminent given the wide range of issues experienced by the user base.

Previous releases although containing the occasional bug have proved what a great product Pluto is, so it is worth the wait


Oh... I was unaware that this build was less stable than the previous ones...

I would like to test out a stable version.  Initially I'll only be using Audio/Video on demand (basically one central core with media storage, and being played from media driectors around the installation)... Am I correct in assuming that this will work with DVDs, including menus, closed captions, languages, etc?

Where can I obtain the "stable" version?

Thanks a bunch!

PS: perhaps it would be a good thing to include in the main download page a link to the "stable" and to the "current" release...



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