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Plutohome core vs. Mythtv backend


My first Pluto setup, and I have a structural question before I can even start : I have an old server that is very reliable and want to use it as my Pluto core (it's a Dell Poweredge with dual 1.266 Ghz Xeons, 4Gb RAM, one 18Gb SCSI drive for the OS and then 5x73Gb SCSI drives in a RAID5 for storage). It's a fine machine by all means, but slightly lacking on the CPU speed side.

Question : for my media directors, would it be best to put the PVR350 in the media director or in the core ? I guess that if want to use more than 1 media director at the same time, I should put PVR350 s or PVR500 s in each media director, but would like your advice if you have experience with this kind of setup.

Of particular concern here : will this mean that I will have to pull TV distribution cable and satellite cable to each media director ? If I put, say 3 cards in the core, does this mean I can have PiP Picture in Picture functionality on one MD while watching the 3rd tuner on another MD ?

In general, I don't quite get how the backend / frontend concept combines with video functionality and Plutohome.

you only need a pvr card for whole house. you can't run mythtv setup from a core (you can but it's tricky) and you might add one in a md


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