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Missing DVB/DiSEqC support at v.

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Dear all,

I have made a fresh installation of Pluto v. and found out that DVB/DiSEqC support is missing. Basically in MythTV Setup option for "Digital Video Broadcast card (DVB)" is not available any more. Here is the picture of menu that use to be available in previous versions

Do i need to do some configuration to make it available?



I have exactly the same problem but have not raised a mantis report due to the fact that has introduced so many problems. is expect6ed within the next week so hopefully a large number of problems will be resolved.

It may be worth you formally raising a bug report just in case the pluto staff miss this problem.



maybe sometimes wouldn't be bad if we (users) try to help ourselves and help in development/maintaining of external applications, specially if we are familiar with any of them and in good contact with coresponding mailing lists and large usert community of that app.

I'd suggest to try to compile it, post notes to Wiki and maybe we can sort it out and return to main code tree...

I'm also interested in compiled mythtv addons (particularly mythgallery,weather,news and phone). I've heard somewhere that mythweb is also under some consideration....

Some time ago I did this and compiled few mythplugins on my own and used them. I'm posting my notes (outdated, but maybe useful)...




--- Quote ---svn co

apt-get install libvorbis-dev liblame-dev libdvb-dev fakeroot

 cd mythtv

dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b -us -uc

cd ../mythemes

dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b -us -uc

cd ../mythplugins

dpkg -i ../libmyth-0.19-dev_0.19-5_i386.deb

apt-get install kdelibs4-dev libdvdread3-dev libflac-dev libmad0-dev libcdaudio0-dev libcdparanoia0-dev fftw-dev libexif-dev
# manjka libfaad2-dev
## ni potreben, spremeniti je treba /debian/rules datoteko na gcc

dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -d -b -us -uc

cd ..

dpkg -i ./mythweb_0.19-5_all.deb
dpkg -i ../mythweather_0.19-5_i386.deb
dpkg -i ../mythgallery_0.19-5_all.deb

--- End quote ---

I suspect that the problem is related with MythTV compile options. By default a support of DVB switched off:

--- Quote ---Enable MythTV DVB Support
If you built MythTV without DVB support you'll have to enable it now and recompile. Edit the file in the top level mythtv directory. Find the DVB section and uncomment the lines. Edit the INCLUDEPATH line to point to the directory where you have the DVB driver source code. For example I have this:

# DVB support
CONFIG += using_dvb
INCLUDEPATH += /opt/DVB-Kernel/dvb-kernel/linux/include
--- End quote ---

Is there some way to see what compile options were applied in the pluto mythtv package?


Thanks for the above details, I have downloaded the source from pluto svn and found that there is no settings for DVB in the file.

I have added the settings manually and am compiling mythtv now.

I have also j
had to modify the linux kernel input.h as it seems to contain a bug.

Will let you know how I get on assuming I manage to get a full compile




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