Author Topic: Xstreamer Ultra as a Media Director  (Read 1121 times)


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Xstreamer Ultra as a Media Director
« on: July 13, 2011, 05:10:20 pm »
Hi all

Just wondering if anyone has an Xstreamer Ultra and is using it as a Media Director?

If so can you post your thoughts about the unit here?

I have done a search in the forum but cant see any posts about it.

I am interested to know:
1) Does it PXE boot ok (ie without any config changes) or is the NIC unrecognised like the Shuttle XS35GT -
2) How do 1080p MKV Movies play? Do you notice any dropped frames/stuttering?
3) What is the fan noise like when:
    a) Playing 1080p movies
    b) navigating through the menu (ie jumping from one orbiter screen to another)
4) Does anyone have a DTS-HDMA capable receiver - if so can you get DTS-HDMA to passthrough the HDMI lead from the Xstreamer Ultra to the receiver? On a sidenote, can LinuxMCE do the DTS-HDMA passthrough? I know that XBMC cant currently do this but they are working on it.

Xstreamer Ultra website -




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Re: Xstreamer Ultra as a Media Director
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2011, 05:42:41 pm »
I have no hands-on knowledge of that particular device. However, my thinking about how people approach this, is a bit different: I either have time and energy to waste, then I will go ahead and get stuff and try to get it to work. Or, I just want stuff working. If I want stuff that just works, I'd go and by a Dianemo system ;) - they take care of everything, and the premium you pay to hardware alone, is well worth it, imho.