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.43 Mythtv Setup and multiple keypress error

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     Hi had a .42 up and running fine. Updated to .43, and Mythtv setup got stucked everytime I pressed a key.

     Reinstaled .43 from scrath and the same problem continues.

     Pressing any key unther Mythtv Setup and and it goes craisy. Log says that there is multiple key pressed. I subtitued the keyboard and the same thing continues. One simple press of ht up key, enter and the aplication starts jumping around as if I was pressing multiple keys (not stoping). I have to keep press Esc to get out.

     Could anyone give me a clue ?  On .42 everything works fine with the same hardware.


João Vaz Martins

the issue is fixed but there's no easy way how get the fix on your system.
we're preparing a .44 release to fix many issues that slipped in .43


Any idea on the timescale for 44?
I am going to do a complete re-install this weekend (my first one that I have needed to do since about 37 I think) and if there is a new release before then that would be good, otherwise I will just have to use the existing version as currently I cannot get any Media Directors to even finish their installs.


hi Darren

sorry about your install, we know that many of you suffered when this release was made public. everything went good with testing inside but when was made public there was some differences in repositories. that was fixed but the damage is already done.
we're not planning a release this week, hopefully 44 will go out by the end of next week.


Hello Dan,

Could you please include the updated version 0.5.1 of lcdproc in the 2.0.44 release of Pluto, it would help us lot with the use of IMON VFD devices?

Best regards



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