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Unable to install on XenServer
« on: June 12, 2011, 02:11:49 am »
I am trying to install MCE as a virtual machine running on XenServer. I have tried this several times now over a few months and unfortunately each time without success. I have the latest XenServer release v5.6 SP2 and the latest snapshot (Linux MCE-8.10-24056-i386.iso     11-Jun-2011 00:18  3.7G).

Basically I can install Kubuntu and reboot. I can run the MCE installer from the desktop with no problem. It says that the first phase is complete and to reboot. When I reboot I have no GUI, just the CLI. I can login into the CLI and run startx to get back to a GUI. Once in the GUI nothing happens. I try running the installer again but the process just repeats.

Only thing I can add is the XenServer tools are not installed nor am I able to install them. After some googling on this it suggests that the VM needs to be made PV aware instead of HVM? I have found a documet on ubuntu 10.4 ( but this I think is likely not to be helping but am way out my depth now.

Is this likely to be the issue and if so, is there a way to make the changes as per the URL to an already instlled instance? If not a likely cause, has anybody got any ideas on where to go from here.

Many thanks in advance.



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Re: Unable to install on XenServer
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2011, 12:14:15 pm »
I have no experience with XenServer.
If you just want to try Linuxmce in a virtual environment, use virtualbox.