Author Topic: MD issue - missing diskless.conf  (Read 1403 times)


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MD issue - missing diskless.conf
« on: May 26, 2011, 08:48:30 pm »

  Hello, I am a new user, I have managed to install a Hybrid and a Web Orbiter but I am unable to get my Media Director to boot properly.
  I have executed
 to have the bootable image, my md properly detects this (dhcp properly configured, md on good interface - using 2 interfaces - good mac filled in...) but when it executes

 it just keeps rebooting... message similar to "Rebooting all mds"

   I have checked the script noticed :


## We should not run un diskless mds
if [[ -f /etc/diskless.conf ]]; then
        exit 0

 With my average towards low linux scripting knowledge I'm guessing that if /etc/diskless.conf does not exit, the script will exit..
 so I checked /etc/ for diskless.conf & didn't found it.... instead I just made a empty file & saved it with that name hoping that it would populate itself on it's own (mb some script failed to create the file...) but that did not seem to work...
  Any kind of help would be appreciated  :(

using 0810
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