Author Topic: Acer Aspire One za3 cannot start like md  (Read 3374 times)


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Acer Aspire One za3 cannot start like md
« on: April 28, 2011, 12:13:35 pm »
After spending few hours trying to make this notebook to be MD i gave up and came to write here.
I had Acer Aspire One ZA3 model with the best performance (biggest screen,hdd,procesor etc.)
I made everything like on the pc (which i made to work like md) but after everything i went tru i gave up.
At first i have had problem determining what resolution will work and in the end 1024x768 was the one ,coz all the others didnt work ,after that i have had problems with the network , i resolved them with changing my cable and in the end when it comes to the girl everythin is very slow ,after i went tru the steps (idk how did i did it) at last when the orbiter should start creating screens it falls and it shows connecting to DCE router as requested ,few times like that (even the core fell the same way) then it gets back to the girl speaking ,doing the same steps it finishes the same ,and at last when i was so nervous i saw on the core that in the corner was written orbiter cannot connect with dce router

What is the problem ,did someone got the same problem like me ?
How did u fix it ?