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Re: 8.10 Installation - Never successful
« Reply #15 on: February 01, 2011, 04:26:59 pm »
So here is an update...

I've been using DVD+R discs, and then using the InfraRecorder program (free burning software).  For the most part I thought the software worked fine? I decided to try burning the .ISO using the Windows burning software and try the Verify after burn.  Well it failed.  GAH! This made me think that my DVD-RW drive is bad.

So I downloaded one more program (forgot name of it - at work now), burned another disc on slowest speed, and then pressed Verify after also.  BINGO.  This one verified successfully.

Inserted the disc into my "Red Box", started the install process, and got past my previous 58% stop point, woo! So it looks like it successfully installed Kubuntu, and then it gets to the desktop and shows "Install LinuxMCE."  I click that, it starts and crashes saying I need to perform another command to continue (it's nice enough to actually tell me what command to do!)

I try that, it does some kind of updating procedure and finishes.  Then I go back to try "Install LinuxMCE" again, and fails.

So at least I made it farther than I did earlier, but still have no LinuxMCE success.  I cannot provide any output code at this time, but curious if anyone else had any stops also?

Thanks for help previously!


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Re: 8.10 Installation - Never successful
« Reply #16 on: February 01, 2011, 04:37:08 pm »
Good to see you are finally geting somewhere........things to check

Have you got a internet connection to your PC
Edited the sources.list check the forums
Open a terminal window then do a apt-get update then apt-get upgrade followed by a apt-get dist-upgrade

I do all that before clicking on the Linuxmce icon on the desktop which should be there, if it's not then I am not sure why