Author Topic: Dianemo Orbiter for iOS - now availabe free from the App store (V1.4 is current)  (Read 5495 times)


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It's specific to the Dianemo system. I'm not a shill, but I just noticed on the wiki that you can now buy the software separate from the hardware at reduced cost, so this may be an option for you if you want the skin that comes with it.


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Just a quick question. I configured a new iphone sized web orbiter last night. Rooted around until I found my installation number, and then fired up the Dianemo orbiter.
Other than the living room splash screen, the skin is identical to the Roaming Orb.

Now while the scrolling content inside the various media options is working fantastically, I was wondering, is the skin shown on the wiki page, and the youtube bits, specific to Dianemo systems. I looked for a skin of a different name than the standard in the orbiter dropdown. But there was no Dianemo.

This is fine if it specific to Dianemo hardware/customers. But I was just making sure I didn't do something wrong.

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Yes the UI skin in our demo videos is called 'RedLine' and only ships with Dianemo system or Dianemo S10.10 software installations.

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