Author Topic: Media drectors unable to read from Sofware RAID - 8.10  (Read 2763 times)


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Media drectors unable to read from Sofware RAID - 8.10
« on: December 13, 2010, 04:03:07 pm »
With a view to providing a large storage for MythTV recording.

Installed 2X1 TB SATA HDD in the core.
Connected via a dual port pci Adaptec RAID controller in JBOD mode.

Successfully created the RAID0 array through the Linux MCE web interface.
have been able to copy files to the volume via SSH CLI and via the Media file Sync.

Problem is :  Media directors can't read anything off the new RAID volume.

-Can search and find the PVR files through the onscreen orbiter, press play and an error appears
File not found: /home/public/data/pvr/PRVstore [82]/1010_20101027203400.mpg

- Can play files through the Mythweb file stream funtion.

-MythTV backend quite happily writes files to the RAID0 volume.

-Files play fine through Core/Hybrid MD.

- SSH to Moon reveals the Symlink back to the Mounted RAID is invalid.
ambahelper@moon85:/home/public/data/pvr$ cd PRVstore\ \[82\]
-bash: cd: PRVstore [82]: No such file or directory

- All other media stored on a 300MB PATA play fine to any MD.
Steps taken.
- deleted and rebuilt a Spare MD
- Re start the core

I've recently renamed the device [82] pvr_store inlight of the typo, PRVstore, still waiting for that change to update in the Linuxe MCE file structure.

Anyone else seen this problem maybe give a hint on what may be going wrong?
Core specs
MD Specs
IBM Ultra Small Form factor P4 1GB Ram. GB NIC
Connected via a GB switch