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Re: Intrepid distribution gone from archives
« Reply #15 on: November 17, 2010, 03:10:47 am »
I checked in part of the needed bits to the Package tables in sqlCVS this last weekend. I will do the rest soon. I am doing them by hand, so that I can see the package landscape as it is at the moment.

That's painstaking Thom.  But I agree that it should be done this way.

Once this is done, I will talk to possy about cloning the 0810 branch to be trunk. There were unusual circumstances which forced us to abandon trunk, and start from the 0710 branch (Aaron, prior to folding Pluto, was experimenting with what would eventually become Vera in trunk, and made changes in sqlCVS that broke things for us.)

Ah, I wondered why trunk had been abandoned.  I've read a bunch of the forum archives but there's just so much...