Author Topic: Why Do Media Directors Exist?  (Read 255 times)


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Re: Why Do Media Directors Exist?
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maybe I'm typical case matching Andrew's thoughts.

I gave up maintaining MD in living room and decided to go with RPi only as media player. Let me stress, that I don't use IP TV anymore, cause maintenance was continous headache - my ISP keeps changing setup. Now ISP provides web app to follow another IPTV stream and that is much easier. But before that, my vnc server setup was really performing well (central VNC server received iptv streams from dedicated network line and then served to any vnc client in LAN).

But now I'd just like to get simple media player working in my living room and make my TV only a bit smarter. Maybe new HTML5 Orbiter will work on RPi ? Then I could also control Dianemo system from this smart tv enhancement... It would be nice if I could make simpler version of HTML5 Orbiter with few basic commands that I need most of the time... If that fails, maybe XBMC plugin to issue those commands is a way to go...

Thanks in advance,