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lan problems on hybrid
« on: October 31, 2010, 01:19:22 am »
 I've had lan identity problem since day one and just put a lan card in my hybrid. The mainboard had 2 gigabit lans built in, but they seemed to be messed up with being switched. I seem to have same issues. It thinks I am in kentucky for time zone, which I corrected, and it does not see my HDhomerun, looks like same switched lan id issues. how do I 1. identify the eth ports in real time, and how can I lock them down?

Mainboard is MSI k8n neo4 V1. It is in what was a Knoppmyth reference project Dragon version 1.0 htpc.

I thought the PCHDTV HD-3000 card was a problem, so I changed it for a HDhomerun instead.
I thought the mainboard lans were a problem, so I put a separate lan card in and disabled one of the on board cards.

Right now it is hung on "Installing general info plugin download" and not a light is blinking on the WRT54GL router configured as a switch as per instructions,

Now what?