Author Topic: LinuxMCE liveCD-DVD-USB just for tests  (Read 5494 times)


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LinuxMCE liveCD-DVD-USB just for tests
« on: November 12, 2010, 11:54:55 am »

As I wanted to give a look at LinuxMCE seen all the system potential, I could not make it through installation at this specific time due to Ubuntu 8.10 end of life.

Just to try LinuxMCE needs a full installation on a pc or a VM.

Wouldn't it be nice for newbies on LinuxMCE to be able to test it, see what it can do, check the look&feel, without having to delete a whole HD or knowing how VBox works?
And then once the hook is bitten, they can go for the install.
Greater would be to be able to save settings done so with the true install, they don't need to reconfigure the whole thing.

Is the liveCD technically possible?

PS: Proposed warning on the installation and/or background:
"This is a live presentation of LinuxMCE. 
Be aware that this is a Beta Test with what it means including that the software is still under developpement.
Note that this version is probably not the newest and that the latest update may have bugs you noticed fixed.
Remember, this is an open-source software.  If you are interested in this software any help is wellcome, including constructive feedback, documentation, design, project management, programming participation, source donation."


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Re: LinuxMCE liveCD-DVD-USB just for tests
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2011, 07:53:09 pm »
I would love to see a live CD/DVD of this because the main site is soooo lacking in what LinuxMCE looks like and does it would be nice to see it in action before taking the time to install and set it up.

For example is the interface really look the way the few pics show? it seems so 1990s, I currently use MediaBrowser.TV mod over Windows Media Center and it is gorgeous and would love this look on LinuxMCE, the other hold up I have is does LinuxMCE have native support for playing Blu-Ray Disc and formats? I wish they would update the website to be more informative. :(

LinuxMCE looks to have some amazing potential with its multi-room support but a few things are really holding me back from using it.


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Re: LinuxMCE liveCD-DVD-USB just for tests
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2011, 08:05:21 pm »
It looks like it is shown on the pics around the wiki, the home page and like it looks on the videos you see on Youtube.

A LinuxMCE Live CD would be a nice thing. Feel free to provide needed scripts and patches and attach them to a trac ticket at