Author Topic: Internet Radio segfault  (Read 2499 times)


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Internet Radio segfault
« on: October 25, 2010, 07:17:54 am »

Trying to setup internet radio- one station works great:

The other station:
Works at best 10% of the time. 

From dmesg on the MD where I am trying the radio (have tried other MD's- not the core yet) I get the fooling error immediately after the stream dies on the MD display (no audio is played) and I am dumped back to the home screen.

[89175.718498] Xine_Player[19653]: segfault at 0 ip b7acc323 sp b0baf15c error 4 in[b7a55000+158000]

It only does that with the one stream- never with the other station.  Anyone have any ideas where to start?  If you plug in that address to winamp, the station plays fine, so I think it is something locally.