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motion wrapper update/patch
« on: October 08, 2010, 07:38:10 pm »
I have a few WinTV (150 and 1600) tuner cards that have variours inputs, so I purchased 3 analog surveillance cameras to connected to those extra ports and use them as security cameras.  Everything seemed to go well (creating motion_wrapper, adding generic analog cameras, correctly setting the port (s-video, or RCA)).  But then a hit a brick wall which is described here by a different user:

this is supposed to fix it:

Is anyone here familiar enough with motion_wrapper to help/instruct me on how to patch/update the "motion" part of "motion_wrapper".  I think an update to it would probably add some more devices to the ever expanding list of LinuxMCE compatible devices (am I correct in asuming analog video cameras cannot be added using a capture card without it being compatible with motion_wrapper??) and I have a nice bit of programming knowledge to I'm sure I could help a bit. I just need some pointers / advices / help from someone that KNOWS how this works.

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