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Qees zwave products


Does anyone have any experience of zwave products from these guys
I've seen their inline power/dimmer units on some online shops, yet they have a whole range of products on their website which I can only assume haven't come to market yet. I tried emailing them but have had no response.
A search of the forums only gets hits in the wiki.

Any info anyone?


I was looking these too. Qees is spin-off of Innovus that went tits-up recently. Product line-up seems veeeery appealing but doesnt seem to be available for purchase.

See great list about more infor of Quees zwave devices currently on market.

I see these are further delayed... again... now looking like August/September.


Shame, I'd ordered one of the key-chain remote controls, ideal to set your home to away mode as you leave.  However after waiting for 4 months, have got my money back.  Will wait until they hit the shelves and purchase one then.  Look the part though  :)


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