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Does anyone have instructions on how to download and install the themes for myth tv. I have just started using linux so the more detailed the better.



Download theme to the /tmp directory ( wget locationofdownload)
1) Log on the the MythTV PC and su to root; # su

2) Change to the MythTV theme directory; # cd /usr/share/mythtv/themes

3) Unpack the theme package; [root@jupiter themes]# tar xvfz /tmp/name of package downloaded

4) Remove the theme package; [root@jupiter themes]# rm -f /tmp/name of package downloaded

5) Exit from the root shell, and log out;# exit

To apply the new theme, go to the MythTV user interface, and perform the following;

1) From the main menu, select "Utilities / Setup"

2) From the utilities menu, select "Setup"

3) From the setup menu, select "Appearance"

4) From the appearance configurator, highlight the "Theme" select box, and select "Name of New Theme Downloaded"

5) To save the new settings and exit the appearance configurator, select "Next >" repeatedly, then "Finish"

6) Use "exit" or "left" twice to return to the main menu, from the setup menu


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