Author Topic: S-Video output not working after AVWizard (need help with xorg.conf changes?)  (Read 1005 times)


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I have an AOpen mobo with Intel GMA950 chipset that I used successfully a few years ago with 710 (only DVI output) and I have installed an 810 snapshot (from last Friday) on it, which is working fine with the DVI output but the S-Video output wont output within MCE. I ran the LinuxMCE install from the DVD menu and after the first boot the kbuntu desktop came up on the S-Video output so I know its working ok with kbuntu. However, when I configure MCE for S-Video output in the AVWizard and click next I get a flash to the S-Video output with the x-windows X in the middle of a black screen and then the wizard switches back to the DVI output to the screen that asks if I want to use the selected resolution. If I complete the wizard with S-Video setup then reboot the only output I get is to the DVI port. As far as I can tell from the admin website MCE thinks it should be outputting to S-Video but it’s not. If I manually run startx from tty I get kde output to S-Video so I know S-Video out is working even after the full MCE install. I'm thinking it’s a config setting somewhere that is not correct but I'm unsure of the order that the xorg.conf and int scripts get executed when MCE boots so I don’t know what config
file(s) I should be changing or what setting(s) need to be changed to get output to S-Video. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.