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New house design with automation in mind
« on: July 31, 2010, 10:44:07 am »
Let this be as well my presentation: My name is Jose and I'm from Spain. I'm planning my new house and I have decided it will be an automated house. I know there are commercial products but I dont want to buy anything I cant fix by myself, I hate depending on a particular brand. That's why I'm staying away from commercial software.

I have superficial skills and knowldge on electronics and I'm skilled enought to be safe with a tool in my hand. I did programming many years ago but I doubt the skills are still present.

I have gone through several posts but I get lost with ease. I need some kind of "home automation for dummies" guide that allows me to learn to the point where I can begin to think on a whole house installation so I can plan ahead for when the time comes.

Please throw me any readings, websites, books, etc.. You feel can help me in my first steps.

Thank you!


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Re: New house design with automation in mind
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2010, 08:48:23 pm »

These are some links specifically for LMCE.

User manual:
Frequently Asked Questions:

And if you like what you see, Installation Guide:

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Re: New house design with automation in mind
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2010, 01:39:17 am »
Hello :)

Some Ideas to keep in mind for your home

-Where will you locate things like tv's and entertainment centers and communication devices
-Where would you want wired / wireless connections
-Consider electrical requirements and wiring.
-Where will your automation equipment be located? In the open? a small closet?

Building the right infrastructure for your smart home makes a big difference at installation time.

feel free to ask more questions, im always happy to answer if I know :)
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