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Motion compile problem
« on: July 11, 2010, 08:03:44 pm »
i'm trying to build the latest motion version, but with not luck.
The configure being used is:
./configure --prefix=/usr -with-ffmpeg=/opt/pluto-ffmpeg
which shows:
Code: [Select]
      Configure status           
      motion 3.2.12               

OS             :     Linux
pthread Support:     Yes 
jpeg Support:        Yes 
V4L included:        Yes 
V4L2 supported:      Yes 
FFmpeg Support:      Yes 
MYSQL Support:       Yes 
PostgreSQL Support:  No   

CFLAGS:  -g -O2 -D_REENTRANT -DHAVE_FFMPEG -I/opt/pluto-ffmpeg/include -DFFMPEG_NEW_INCLUDES -DHAVE_FFMPEG_NEW -I/usr/include/mysql -DMOTION_V4L2 -DTYPE_32BIT="int" -DHAVE_BSWAP   -march=i686                         
LIBS: -lm  -lpthread -ljpeg -L/opt/pluto-ffmpeg/lib -lavformat -lavcodec -lavutil -lm -lz -L/usr/lib -lmysqlclient -lz                                                                                                 
LDFLAGS:   -L/opt/pluto-ffmpeg/lib                                                                         

Install prefix:       /usr

and makes produces at the end:

Code: [Select]
ffmpeg.c:26:10: warning: #warning **************************************************                       
ffmpeg.c:27:10: warning: #warning Your version of FFmpeg is newer than version 0.4.8                       
ffmpeg.c:28:10: warning: #warning Newer versions of ffmpeg do not support MPEG1 with
ffmpeg.c:29:10: warning: #warning non-standard framerate. MPEG1 will be disabled for
ffmpeg.c:30:10: warning: #warning normal video output. You can still use mpeg4 and
ffmpeg.c:31:10: warning: #warning and mpeg4ms which are both better in terms of size
ffmpeg.c:32:10: warning: #warning and quality. MPEG1 is always used for timelapse.
ffmpeg.c:33:10: warning: #warning Please read the Motion Guide for more information.
ffmpeg.c:34:10: warning: #warning Note that this is not an error message!
ffmpeg.c:35:10: warning: #warning **************************************************
Motion object files compiled.

Linking Motion...
gcc -L/opt/pluto-ffmpeg/lib -o motion motion.o conf.o draw.o jpegutils.o video.o video2.o video_common.o netcam.o netcam_ftp.o netcam_jpeg.o netcam_wget.o track.o alg.o event.o picture.o rotate.o webhttpd.o webcam.offmpeg.o -lm  -lpthread -ljpeg -L/opt/pluto-ffmpeg/lib -lavformat -lavcodec -lavutil -lm -lz -L/usr/lib -lmysqlclient -lz
/opt/pluto-ffmpeg/lib/libavformat.a(file.o):(.data+0x0): multiple definition of `file_protocol'
ffmpeg.o:(.data+0x40): first defined here
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [motion] Error 1

Any hint?