Author Topic: HVR-1850 error during boot after apt-get install v4l2-modules drivers installed  (Read 1694 times)


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810 linuxmce  HVR-1850 causes Kubuntu to crash during boot after apt-get install v4l2-modules and v4l2-firmware have been installed.

This time it gets to "Loading Manual Drivers" and stops.

What log file should I look too and is there an easy fix to get around this?

MSI 785-gt motherboard  athlon x4 processor 4gig ram haupage dvb-t HVR-1850 card with onboard nvidia .
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Did you try building the drivers as instructed in: ?
Look at your kernel messages. You should see some messages related to loading the v4l2 drivers.
Code: [Select]
dmesg and look for messages related to cx23885 (this is the driver that the card uses) or other error messages.
I have the same Hauppauge 1850 card and also getting errors when the drivers are loading.
The kernel we are using (2.6.27-17-generic) should support the drivers out of the box. After getting errors, I tried adding the prebuilt drivers and also building the drivers from source - all trials without success (see:

br, Avner
Asus P5GD2-X, Intel i915P/G, Pentium 4 3.2 GHz, 2.5GB, nvidia Geforce 8800, Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1850