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right now I have a PC with LinVDR running in my living-room. The setup of this system was plugĀ“n play with a boot-cd.

The DVB-Card I am using is supported by the LinuxTV API (
Is there a way to convert my LinVDR to a MediaDirector for Pluto ?



I hadn't seen LinVDR before.  Do you know what PVR they use?  Is it also Myth based?  I tried to read the docs, but mein deutsche ist nicht so gut.

I just posted a long response about converting/merging here:

Regarding the DVB-Card, who makes it?  Are the drivers included in the Linux kernel?  If they are built separately, what we may be able to do is either (a) add the package to our database if it exists somewhere as a Debian package, or if it does not (b) add it to our automated build system so that it compiles and builds a Debian package for it.  Either way, once it's in our database it will just be a checkbox on the Media Director's wizard page like the other capture cards we support: IVTV and Blackbird.

The easiest way to install Pluto is with a kick-start CD that, like LinVDR, basically wipes out the hard drive and starts from scratch.  However, it only requires 1 dedicated PC for the whole house, and it exposes a network boot for all the others.  So, if you put the kick-start CD in a new computer, that becomes dedicated, and then it will expose a network boot for your existing LinVDR.  You just choose on the remote control (ie Orbiter) if you want to do a regular hard drive boot (like you do now), or a network boot into a Pluto Media Director.  So it's very easy for them to co-exist.


the DVB-Device-Driver should be included in the 2.6 - Kernel. That is what I read on the LinuxTV-Website. The LinuxTV Kernel-Driver-Framework is working to provide device-drivers for DVB-Cards.
The manufacturer of my cards are TechnoTrend Premium-S ( and TechniSat SkyStar 2.
Both cards are supported by MythTV.

If I leave the cards in the media-director, will I be able to watch TV-channels in other rooms via network-streaming ? Or do I have to put the cards in the core, to get this feature to work ?

Thank you for your passience, and Happy Easter to your whole team !


To my knowledge it will work the way you want, and yes you can watch with network streaming.  However, that's really a function of Myth TV, not so much Pluto.  I'm not at all familiar with Myth.  I just sent an email to our in-house Myth programmer, and he'll respond when he's in the office on Monday.

Yes youll be able to stream to MDs without having to have the card in the MD, they can all be in the Core.  Thats one of the nice things about mythtv, you can have cards all in one machine and all machines connecting to it can watch from those cards, or you can spread the cards around to all the machines in the house, and still do the same thing, stream from each individual card in each machine.  So you can do it either way, which ever is easiest for you.


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