Author Topic: IBM/Lenovo T60 Trackpad Issue  (Read 1351 times)


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IBM/Lenovo T60 Trackpad Issue
« on: May 03, 2010, 02:18:36 am »

I'm using an IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T60, using UI1, as one of my many MDs.  When I try to use the built-in trackpad, the LMCE orbiter registers as though "4" and "1" on the keyboard are pressed in a seemingly random order, and eventually jumps the orbiter to the Phone Book (and enters something like "1441444414444144" as I move the mouse).  In KDE desktop, everything functions correctly.  I've played around with the orbiters "Hard Keys Mapping" setting in the Web UI, without success.  This forces me to use only the keyboard to navigate the UI.

Can anyone give me some direction on how to resolve this problem?  At first I thought maybe Xorg.conf needs modified, but everything works fine in KDE, leading me to believe its an issue with the Orbiter software running on this particular model laptop.

Thanks in advance,