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I want to resume this topic because i need to know if i can know how much is consuming an object connected to linuxmce.
For example if i know that the oven is on and it use 900W, the washer is on and use 500W and my total power is 3,3KW in Italy....can linuxmce tell me single power consumption of that object and, theoretically, power off other household appliances to prevent blackout?
Maybe i can set a priority list of my household appliances to power off those that can be power on later

The framework for power reporting exists in LinuxMCE, and is used at least by ZWave, where single devices report their energy usage. One of these devices can be the total for your house. But there are no display of this information in the Orbiter at the moment, only in the datalogger section in the web admin.

But there is no logic in place to turn devices on and off based on total usage. I you might be able to create a crude solution using  events.



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