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Users / Re: LinuxMCE or Dianemo?
« Last post by Vytron21 on June 12, 2016, 07:29:29 am »
ok, the linuxmce it is. what version of 14.04 should i use? i tried the latest one today and it installs but freezes after about 15 minutes during the startup process. just a solid grey screen. any ideas? or should i use an older version of 14.04?
Users / Re: LinuxMCE or Dianemo?
« Last post by posde on June 11, 2016, 08:41:11 pm »
Another note: It seems, that Dianemo is no more. The two people that had ties to Dianemo and visited the forum frequently to help Dianemo's customers are no longer active in the community.
Users / Re: LinuxMCE or Dianemo?
« Last post by Vytron21 on June 11, 2016, 03:57:05 pm »
Awesome, thanks! Ok, so linuxmce 14.04 still wont work for me, it cant install....I will try installing kubuntu first and then linuxmce on top of it. that seems to be the hangup, it gets stuck installing kubuntu, no matter qhich computer i try to install.
Users / Re: LinuxMCE or Dianemo?
« Last post by Alblasco1702 on June 11, 2016, 11:22:33 am »
Hallo Vytron21.

Welcom on Linuxmce.

We need more information from you about your system to help you with problems.

The best version for you to install is 14.04 this version is in developmend.
For assistance you can go to irc channel #Linuxmce on freenode.

Further to answer de your questions about the difference to Linuxmce and Dianemo is that Linuxmce is free and for Dianemo you need to buy a licence.
The software is almost the same.

Hopes this answered your questions.



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Users / LinuxMCE or Dianemo?
« Last post by Vytron21 on June 11, 2016, 06:14:33 am »
Ok, so i am very new to the world of home automation. I want to use LMCE, but i am having issues. firstly the only version i can get to install on my computer (nvidea graphics card by the way) is 10.04 but it appears to nont have all of the features mentioned on the website. when i try install anything newer it says that the installer had failed. so after getting lost in the tangles of the wiki, i tried searching the forum for answers....and found more questions. i see people talking about using Dianemo instead, and that dianemo and linuxmce are made by the same people? so now i need to know which i should use, and are both free? and where do i get the installer for Dianemo? and is there anywhere where a straightforward manual for this thing is? the instructions on the website skip around quite a lot.

Please help,


Developers / Re: HTTPS on WWW Server
« Last post by Govo on June 10, 2016, 09:54:18 pm »
Only the wiki is insecure

Users / Re: Automated Blinds Control
« Last post by phenigma on June 08, 2016, 12:07:49 am »
Although I have seen 'add-on' units before I do not believe that pass insurance tests in the US nor in Canada.  They are considered extremely dangerous and death hazards for small children.  An integrated unit is the best option.  As posde says $150 is a bargain!

Users / Re: Automated Blinds Control
« Last post by posde on June 06, 2016, 06:12:51 am »

150 sounds about right for the motor itself. If it already has Z-Wave to control it, it sounds like a bargain.
Users / Automated Blinds Control
« Last post by jgalak on June 06, 2016, 04:46:13 am »
We are planning on a LinuxMCE based home automation system in the new house, and were wondering about automating blinds.  Is there an inexpensive version?  I see some Z-wave controllable blinds out there, like from Bali, but the cost is prohibitive - around $150 per window!  Is there something cheaper out there?  Maybe something that connects to continuous-loop blinds and just uses the loop as a chain?

Users / Re: Latest i3, i5 or i7 processors hardware question.
« Last post by theteju on June 03, 2016, 06:15:15 pm »
Thanks guys.

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