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Users / using a script to launch scenarios
« Last post by mikeybs on April 15, 2014, 10:02:35 am »
I'd like to be able to trigger my predefined lighting and media scenarios with external scripts

I've read a bit about /usr/pluto/bin/MessageSend

but I'm not sure if that is what I am looking for or if that can only be used to update  status rather than make the events happen

can anyone offer me any advice on how this is best accomplished?
Hi phenigma,

Even though I might not get anywhere with this, (a.k.a. get discouraged), I appreciate your feedback.

It's all about the challenge.  Thanks!

Users / Re: Where to debug squeezeslave not starting?
« Last post by Esperanto on April 14, 2014, 09:56:48 pm »
phenigma explained that this is by design. Currently you need to add the template as a child device of the Core or a MD (instead of adding it via the Wizard | A/V Equipment because then it will be a child of Slim Streaming Server and wont get started) and then set the configuration (output device, MAC) and after a quick reload router it works.
This is one area where I have really little to no knowledge.  The autofs system that is used is completely foreign to me.  If you were can jump into irc we might be able to do some testing.  The dns-323 is an amazing little device, linux based, you can run your own distro on it, but that should not be required.  I do not own one so I cannot test your specific device here.  I have a QNAP NAS, very similar in many respects, and have no issues.  This seems like a permissions issue based on what you are saying and I would look into any differences there.

With autofs the links will not show in /mnt/device unless something is trying to access files through /home/public/data/*/Windows Share.  autofs will mount each mount as it is required and dynamically create and destroy links in /mnt/device.  You should not alter /mnt/device/*.  What you are describing sounds like a permission issue but I couldn't say where.  Nothing has changed in LCME configuration regarding shares, only the distro upgrade.  Check in webadmin that the proper share name is defined AND that it has the proper IP/MAC for the device.  I've had issues in the past where 1004/1204 testing back and forth and the IPs got messed up on my NAS.  That could cause what you are seeing.  Umm.  Yeah....    :-\

Users / Re: SIP Video intercom
« Last post by Stash_CEO on April 14, 2014, 06:07:30 pm »
Any luck on this?
Users / HoneyWell ICM from another vendor
« Last post by Stash_CEO on April 14, 2014, 05:57:16 pm »
Installation issues / NAS CIFS errors on April 13 28939 snap - Resolved.
« Last post by pigdog on April 14, 2014, 05:13:07 pm »

Looks like some error reporting was turned on.

The handshaking between LMCE and DNS 323 NAS continues as reported in reply #19 but I am now getting flooded with (it is spring) a few    Error connecting to socket - aborting operation     and continuous...

CIFS VFS: Send error in SessSetup = -13
CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -13

Hi phenigma,

I've downloaded many snaps, reloaded many from scratch (because I tried so many things I lost continuity) with the same results.

I run LMCE on a dedicated network without username/password access.

On 12.04 I've deleted the symlinks from Windows Shares [34 & 35] and when I go to /mnt/device/XX and try an cd or ls I get symbolic link error.

The NAS HDD's are using the LMCE directory tree, nothing is different on it from 10.04.

I can run the NAS fine under 10.04 and have even reloaded 10.04 from scratch (more than once after playing with it).

One thing is that with the  ls -l cmd file permissions on 10.04 for /mnt/device are drwxrwxrwx (777) with ownership root:root

When i go down the tree to /mnt/device/XX permissions are the same but ownership changes to 501:501 (DNS-323 ownership format)

On 12.04 the /mnt/device permissions are 555 (why?).  I chmod 777 XX but can't change them -R option because of symlink error.

On a reboot the deleted Windows Share links gets recreated and the permissions for /mnt/device/XX go back to 555.

On 10.04 & 12.04 the Windows Shares are lrwxrwxrwx (777) permission and ownership root:public.

However on 10.04 using the ls -l command on /home/public/data/videos the Windows Share is cyan with the symlink to /mnt/device/XX/public/data/videos with green background.

On 12.04 the Windows Share-Volume-X [XX] is red and symlink -> mnt/device/XX/public/data/videos as well.

Red is bad.  Why is it red?  It was autodetected and created but the drives aren't being handled the same.

So. do I look into detection scripts for 12.04 permissions/etc,  or do I look into NAS ownership?  (I don't know if I can do ownership changes on the DNS.)

There are other DNS 323 users out there but I haven't heard from any.

I've tried smb.conf follow symlinks=yes but no joy.

I could try to build NAS4Free or FreeNAS and see if that'll work.  It might give me a hint.

I don't really want to run funplug or jerk around with the DLink if I don't have to.

Developers / Re: add post plugin option to Xine_Player
« Last post by phenigma on April 13, 2014, 04:20:04 pm »
Write the code that is required, submit it to svn in a feature request and then others can test it and integrate it.

Developers / Re: Myth MD/Orbiter
« Last post by phenigma on April 13, 2014, 04:18:54 pm »
I will work with anyone that wishes to help improve the MythTV experience in LMCE to integrate their work.  I'm sure that tschak would do the same.  But atm I don't think any of the devs are using MythTV, so it will fall to those that are using it to work to improve that experience.

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