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Users / Re: SPDIF in 12.04 please help!
« Last post by thor on Today at 05:20:28 am »
Not sure if this will help, but I had a similar problem with a CM8738 sound card with both coaxial and tos-link out. I already had a coax cable present so used that. The 1204 scripts that set up the sound card for this particular MD upon every reboot kept placing "plughw:0,1" in /etc/asound.conf. What I needed was asound.conf to read: "plughw:0,2". I didn't figure that out until trying
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speaker-test -D plughw:0,2. Using aplay -L helped me identify that right device number.

To keep the correct "0,2" in place after a reboot, I had to edit /usr/pluto/template/asound.conf.
Texecom alarm systems are now directly supported by Dianemo. We support both, wired & wireless based Texecom installations. Your Texecom panel will need to have the Texecom ComIP network module installed.

Your Texecom alarm simply needs to be installed and configured/setup in the normal way - nothing has to be adapted for Dianemo integration. Your Texecom panel will need to be upgraded with the ComIP module , as we use that to communicate with the panel, and you will need to locate a network connection nearby.

We support both local and remote access to your Texecom panel via our remote access service. The combination of Dianemo Remote Access and your Texecom panel means that you can access, and completely control, your Alarm system from anywhere in the world - every feature of your Texecom alarm panel is replicated in Dianemo's Orbiter screens. If your considering an Alarm System for your home then Texecom are an excellent choice.

If you would like more information about Dianemo & Texecom Alarm systems please get in contact by sending an email to;

Users / Re: What PVR
« Last post by posde on January 30, 2015, 06:46:51 pm »

thanks for your words. Sounds like you and your family have fun with it.
Users / Re: What PVR
« Last post by thor on January 30, 2015, 06:37:00 pm »
I hadn't seen this thread before today. I use mythtv a lot with schedules direct and OTA broadcast. No cable. No satellite. The family loves the speed of fast-forwarding and the pause functionality: pausing, then going frame by frame backward and forward. Great for sports.

I had been playing with 1204 and mythtv, trying to get it to perform well enough. Once I was able to upgrade from mythtv 0.25 to 0.27 (thanks to the examples in and got it to work, I put 1204 back in as main house server controlling everything. I'm still working on each MD to work well enough with mythtv. So, right now, we record a tv show, edit it within mythtv on a desktop, then play it back on a MD using qorbiter as a remote.
Marketplace / Dianemo - Two-Way Integration with Texecom Alarm Panels
« Last post by totallymaxed on January 30, 2015, 06:29:51 pm »
We have just released our new device template & drivers for the Texecom range of alarm panels. We support full two-way integration with Texecom panels and the Orbiter can display all of the information and modes that a wall mounted Texecom panel display can (see the first Orbiter Ui screen image);

Contact -
Users / Re: Advanced IP Camera: snaphot directory?
« Last post by posde on January 30, 2015, 12:00:27 am »
I just had a brain fart. On my security cameras, it lists all security sensors. I have enabled one of those security sensors for the camera, and whenever that sensor is tripped, a pic (or two) are stored in the securitypics.
Users / Re: Advanced IP Camera: snaphot directory?
« Last post by sambuca on January 29, 2015, 11:20:10 pm »
I haven't tried the Advanced_IP_Camera in this scenario, so it might not work. But I do think I added all parts to the device that the old GSD-based camera templates had, so I don't see any reason it shouldn't work the same way.
Have you linked the motion sensor to the camera properly? There is a place to do that in the web-admin.

Users / Re: Advanced IP Camera: snaphot directory?
« Last post by rebelkiller on January 29, 2015, 10:37:07 pm »
Users / Re: Advanced IP Camera: snaphot directory?
« Last post by posde on January 29, 2015, 01:50:17 pm »
no. Do you see the pics in web admin under Security / Alert Log
Users / Re: Advanced IP Camera: snaphot directory?
« Last post by rebelkiller on January 29, 2015, 08:44:46 am »
/home/securitypic exists but it is empty

Should there be
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