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Users / Android mobile/cell phone orbiter selection & help
« Last post by cperk4 on Today at 05:14:07 am »
I am trying to get an orbiter working on my cell for outside my network but while i'm at home as well.  I want to have access while at work or out of state.  I have messed with all versions a little but cannot get outside to work.  I really like the UI of web orbiter.  Don't really like the Qorbiter UI.  Is it better to add orbiter on admin page and set up then install to phone or other way around?  I have a pic view of my firewall rules.  Does it matter if i select qorbiter or generic proxy orbiter to add since its going on my cell phone?  I have the galaxy s3.  Huge thanks in advance for any reply's.

thanks for a tip.

I will try, but I suspect that audio part from Dianemo is not compatible with those skins (quite similar as I have problems with UI1 now).

Will report on progress...

I'm attaching skins that I can choose in Dianemo. Can you please take a look and point the most probable one...

Installation issues / Re: CuBox-i from SolidRun
« Last post by pigdog on September 16, 2014, 08:39:46 pm »

Some Kernel information.

There are currently two supported kernels for the CuBox-i and HummingBoard -

Kernel 3.14 LTS - The current kernel for CuBox-i and HummingBoard. The drive is that all projects focus on this kernel as much as possible.

Kernel 3.10 LTS - This kernel announced here (
It is based on Linaro kernel 3.10 LTS, i.MX6 Freescale patches and patches from Russell King, Jon Nettleton and various other developers.
This kernel is the main kernel to be used for end users and general availability.

Developers / Re: squeezelite as an alternative to squeezeslave
« Last post by coley on September 16, 2014, 05:27:47 pm »
If you need me to do any testing I'll help.
I've been hopeless recently at getting time on lmce :(

I am not familiar with Dianemo, but can't you just select one of the LinuxMCE skins? I mean, we have quite a few different skins, that all offer the same original abilities.
Users / Re: Android Touch Orbiter - Locations view
« Last post by posde on September 16, 2014, 01:50:55 pm »
Looks like you have no other choice atm. Either chop off a couple of rooms, or get a display with a larger resolution. Did you try running the 720p resolution on your 1024x600 display?
Installation issues / Re: Installing 12.04 from USB stick
« Last post by posde on September 16, 2014, 01:49:25 pm »
Two questions:

a) did you try the original Ubuntu 12.04.x install DVD? That would highlight if it is a LinuxMCE problem, or a Ubuntu 12.04 problem together with your hardware setup

b) you could try LinuxMCE 14.04 DVD, but that is even less alpha than anything else... But you would do as a huge favor if you could testdrive it.
Users / Volume issue with LG TV template
« Last post by purps on September 16, 2014, 09:30:13 am »
Hello all,

I recently had to re-add my LG TV as it mysteriously stopped working. It works fine for the most part, although the TV volume doesn't work when switching over to a different input - a quick reload fixes this. This is a known issue.

However the behaviour I'm now seeing is that following a reload, you touch the volume controls (up or down), and bam the TV volume goes straight up to 99! Which in case you are wondering, is very, very loud :-)

Users / Re: Entertainment Areas without an MD
« Last post by mikeybs on September 16, 2014, 08:34:08 am »
I used  /usr/pluto/bin/UpdateEntArea -e XX

I did not add a squeezebox or any MD.

media scenarios were indeed created, but none of them work.  None of my media devices respond in any way.  I have both IR controlled devices as well as an RS232 receiver.  None of them respond in any way...

After clicking on one of the media scenarios, the orbiter locks up for a couple seconds, then returns back to the same screen and does not show any different status on the screen.  I do not get transferred to the remote control interface on the orbiter as occurs when things are working as they should.  Also, the selected device does not appear in the leftmost box as occurs when things function normally.

Is adding a squeezebox or a MD the only way to get this working?

Is there any useful feedback I can provide?
Installation issues / Re: Installing 12.04 from USB stick
« Last post by KirkD on September 15, 2014, 11:20:21 pm »
I tried the DVD install of the 12.04 version and it also fails.  Just to make sure I could get something installed, I went back to the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS install DVD and it went fine.

Is there an alternate installation from a working 14.04 LTS?

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