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Users / Re: gc100 and rs232 control
« on: December 11, 2013, 01:42:12 am »
here is an attached image of my connection wizard to show how my pipes are connected...

I thought I remember reading that scenarios should be automatically generated after I've set up all the AV equipment, but nothing like that happened for me. 

I tried manually creating a "verzion" scenario with the objective of have the tv power on and turn to HDMI input, the receiver power on and turn to HDMI 3 input, and the verizon STB powering on... but I have not been able to get anything like that happening.  None of my components respond in any way except for my ability to successfully test IR commands to the TV and verizon STB in the templates where IR codes are defined.  Using that mechanism I am able to make all the things happen to the verizon STB and TV that I want.  As far as the receiver, that is rs232 and I am only able to send it commands successfully via the /usr/pluto/bin/TestSerialPort utility.

My setup includes all of this connected to a gc100, there is no MD. 

Any advice would be appreciated, not sure where to go at this point...

Installation issues / Re: LinuxMCE on raspberry pi
« on: December 11, 2013, 12:09:58 am »
I also tried using the instructions here:

Raspian boots up fine, but nothing special happens, it does dhcp and get the expected IP for the RPi MD I created, but it doesn't netboot in any way and after it gets on the network it just drops me in a local shell....

Users / Re: gc100 and rs232 control
« on: December 11, 2013, 12:07:22 am »
ok, I think I've got my ruby commands squared away now, there is still no way to test them from within the template so I am not sure....

is there any way to test device commands?  My template doesn't know I am using the gc100 virtual serial port so I can't test from within the template...

I am getting this in my receiver log file now:

407:01   12/10/13 17:49:45.524      Error while calling method: Cannot call class method: cmd_350
error: SIGHUP, line: 118
   in: (eval): 118
   from (eval):118:in `cmd_350'
05   12/10/13 17:49:45.639      Socket::ReceiveData 0x9f065f8 failed, bytes left 0 start: 5550000 1: 0 1b: 0 2: 0 2b: 0 m_Socket: 8 Command_Impl1 Dev #49 <0xb5dffb40>
05   12/10/13 17:49:45.640      Socket::ReceiveString2 ReceiveData failed m_Socket: -1 Command_Impl1 Dev #49 <0xb5dffb40>
01   12/10/13 17:49:45.640      Receive string failed in HandleRequestSocket 18:ReceiveData failed Command_Impl1 Dev #49 <0xb5dffb40>
05   12/10/13 17:49:45.640      Dumping 1 locks <0xb5dffb40>
05   12/10/13 17:49:45.640      finished check for exceptions <0xb5dffb40>
05   12/10/13 17:49:45.640      OL: (0x9f06744) (>91) MessageQueue Command_Impl.cpp l:852 time: 7:00:00p (1386715785 s) thread: 3061214016 Rel: Y Got: Y <0xb5dffb40>
1   12/10/13 17:52:37   /usr/pluto/bin/ 49 (spawning-device)   10831 Dev: 49; Already Running list: 15,16,18,19,29,30,31,45,
1   12/10/13 17:52:37   /usr/pluto/bin/ 49 (spawning-device)   device: 49 ip: localhost cmd_line: Generic_Serial_Device
0   12/10/13 17:52:37   49 (spawning-device)   Entering 49
========== NEW LOG SECTION ==========
1   12/10/13 17:52:37   49 (spawning-device)   Starting... 1
1   12/10/13 17:52:38   49 (spawning-device)   Found /usr/pluto/bin/Generic_Serial_Device

Installation issues / Re: LinuxMCE on raspberry pi
« on: December 10, 2013, 11:18:52 pm »
I'm attempting to follow

I have tried both using the sd image and formatting the card fat32 myself and copying the files

both result in an unbootable Pi

I am running using my TV as a monitor with HDMI cable, and some of the output gets chopped off by the screen so I can not see it all, here is the best I can give ...

Timeout waiting for response
2835: Could not set USB power state
:    Net Initialization Skipped
ethernet found.
 any key to stop autoboot:  0
Unrecognized Filesystem type **
Unrecognized Filesystem type **

Users / Re: gc100 and rs232 control
« on: December 10, 2013, 10:34:36 pm »
I do see some output in 49_Generic_Serial_Device.log, a bunch of error messages and "failure loading code", that is my receiver device.

I am wondering if I am not putting the correct commands in the template...

I have figured out all the commands I need from the protocol sheet and I am able to send them to the receiver using the /usr/pluto/bin/TestSerialPort

But I am not sure I am putting those commands in the correct format in the template...

I can use this command on the CLI to turn my receiver off:
/usr/pluto/bin/TestSerialPort -p /dev/ttyS_45_0 -b 9600 -P N81 -t "\02\00\37\38\37\46\03"

what should that correspond to in the template IR codes?  I have tried a few different values trying to get anything to work, but so far I have not have any luck.  For other yamamha rs232 receivers I can see exisitng IR commands of the format:

Should I be using commands like that?  Or should I be translating into pronto format?

If someone could tell me what to place in the template IR code box that corresponds to:
/usr/pluto/bin/TestSerialPort -p /dev/ttyS_45_0 -b 9600 -P N81 -t "\02\00\37\38\37\46\03"

I would be able to tell if what I am doing for the rest of my commands is correct...

here is some of the log for 49_Generic_Serial_Device.log:

   12/10/13 12:13:25.442      Failed loading code: Error loading code:
error: (eval):387: compile error
(eval):70: syntax error, unexpected tINTEGER, expecting kEND
0000 006D 0022 0002 0155 00AA 0015 001...
(eval):76: syntax error, unexpected tINTEGER, expecting kEND
0000 006D 0022 0002 0155 00AA 0015 001...
(eval):158: syntax error, unexpected tINTEGER, expecting kEND
02 00 37 38 34 41 03
(eval):372: syntax error, unexpected tINTEGER, expecting kEND
02 00 37 38 44 30 03
(eval):378: syntax error, unexpected tINTEGER, expecting kEND
02 00 37 38 32 41 03
     ^, line: 387
. <0xb53ffb40>
05   12/10/13 15:53:33.287      Got a reload command from 0  <0xb5dffb40>
05   12/10/13 15:53:33.743      void ClientSocket::Disconnect() on this socket: 0x84205f8 (m_Socket: 8) <0xb77e1ac0>
Return code: 2
2   12/10/13 15:53:34   49 (spawning-device)   Device requests restart... count=1/50 dev=49
Tue Dec 10 15:53:34 EST 2013 Restart
========== NEW LOG SECTION ==========
1   12/10/13 15:53:42   49 (spawning-device)   Starting... 1
1   12/10/13 15:53:43   49 (spawning-device)   Found /usr/pluto/bin/Generic_Serial_Device

Users / Re: gc100 and rs232 control
« on: December 10, 2013, 10:03:20 pm »
I don't see any messages going to my receiver in /var/log/pluto/socat_ttyS_45_0.log

I am wondering if I am running into issues because I do not have a media director involved in the setup...

All of my pipes seems to be set up correctly as far as I can tell...

So far the only way I am able to successfully send any rs232 commands to the receiver is with /usr/pluto/bin/TestSerialPort

I am not able to test commands successfully either in device template or by attempting to launch a scenario in LMCE

Users / Re: gc100 and rs232 control
« on: November 14, 2013, 08:24:45 am »

there you go

I'm not able to successfully generate commands from within my new template, when I attempt to test codes my receiver is unresponsive and I don't see any output in /var/log/pluto/socat_ttyS_45_0.log

I'm hoping this is because the template is unaware of which serial port to use.  I created the template and the device and then set the COM Port on PC to /dev/ttyS_45_0

From here I am not quite sure how to test my rs232 receiver configuration.  I've also added my TV and my verizon STB, those templates are working perfectly and I can test all the codes without a problem.  I used the connection wizard to describe how the STB goes to the receiver which then goes to the TV.  How can I get linuxmce to execute this and power on these devices and switch their inputs etc, and then power them down?

Users / Re: gc100 and rs232 control
« on: November 14, 2013, 06:43:14 am »
I haven't gone back to the 1004 install yet, but I figured out the problem on 1204, odds are it's the same issue...

Problem was permissions on the virtual serial device for the gc100: /dev/ttyS_45_0 -> /dev/pts/32

/dev/pts/32 was set 600, I changed it to 660

after that the /usr/pluto/bin/TestSerialPort commands began working as expected :)  My receiver is doing things!

Now back to trying to get a functional template...

thank you for all the help

Users / Re: gc100 and rs232 control
« on: November 14, 2013, 01:25:25 am »
I've been attempting to turn the receiver on and off instead of using the ready command.  My TestSerialPort command looks like this

/usr/pluto/bin/TestSerialPort -p /dev/ttyS_45_0 -b 9600 -P N81 -t "\02\00\37\38\37\45\03"

/usr/pluto/bin/TestSerialPort -p /dev/ttyS_45_0 -b 9600 -P N81 -t "\02\00\37\38\37\46\03"

This is on a brand new 1204 install which I just got working today :)

I'm not having any success with the gc100 serial port though.  Both those commands hang for a bit and then return nothing.  Receiver does nothing.

socat is running:
ps aux|grep socat
root      1678  0.0  0.0   5484  1528 pts/31   S+   19:03   0:00 socat -v TCP4: PTY,link=/dev/ttyS_45_0,echo=0,icanon=0,raw

cat /var/log/pluto/socat_ttyS_45_0.log < 2013/11/13 19:11:42.706137  length=7 from=0 to=6
..787E.< 2013/11/13 19:15:10.413205  length=7 from=7 to=13
..787E.< 2013/11/13 19:18:07.623543  length=7 from=14 to=20
..787F.< 2013/11/13 19:18:32.738888  length=7 from=21 to=27
..787F.< 2013/11/13 19:19:21.106566  length=7 from=28 to=34
..787E.< 2013/11/13 19:20:23.914085  length=7 from=35 to=41
..787E.< 2013/11/13 19:21:13.898427  length=7 from=42 to=48

If anyone would like more information or has any ideas just let me know...

Installation issues / Re: 12.04 installation
« on: November 13, 2013, 10:30:46 pm »
I tried to do as you suggested and swapped the interfaces in the webadmin and then swapped them back.  DHCP server still does not start up.  Same errors as before...

Can I manually create the configuration files?  If you could point me to where I can find working copies I can put them in place myself...

Installation issues / Re: 12.04 installation
« on: November 13, 2013, 07:37:07 pm »
I just did a fresh install of 1204 and there is no longer any issue with the on screen orbiter coming up on the core after the AV Wizard completes. 

DHCP is still not working though. 

I'm seeing this in the logs:
/etc/dhcp/dhcpd6.conf does not exist! - Aborting...

Does anyone know where I can get a working copy of this file.  I looked in my 1004 installation but the file does not exist there. 

Users / Re: zwave dimmable light switches
« on: November 13, 2013, 07:19:40 pm »
that is correct, I am not using a floor plan, just a list of switches at this point

Users / Re: gc100 and rs232 control
« on: November 13, 2013, 08:36:00 am »
ok, I am now able to send all the commands I need to the gc100 serial port using the iTest.exe application, but I am still unable to do it using linuxmce.

I have created the template and put in the hex codes in pronto format for all the commands I require.  Are there any linuxmce tools to test the basic functionality of a device.  None of the commands are working while I am editing the device template, but I am wondering if that is because the template does not know to use the gc100 virtual serial port.  That setting is on the device itself, not the template...

Now that I have all the hex codes I need, where do I go from here to get it working on linuxmce?

It's a good day though :)  I finally got the RS232 on the gc100 to send commands to my receiver!

Users / Re: gc100 and rs232 control
« on: November 13, 2013, 07:31:29 am »
socat is running:

socat -v TCP4: PTY,link=/dev/ttyS_38_0,echo=0,icanon=0,raw

cat /var/log/pluto/socat_ttyS_38_0.log
< 2013/11/12 22:59:04.913110  length=10 from=0 to=9
1100000003< 2013/11/12 23:01:41.549003  length=10 from=10 to=19
1100000003< 2013/11/12 23:02:39.257161  length=10 from=20 to=29
1100000003< 2013/11/12 23:13:45.712855  length=10 from=30 to=39
11000000032013/11/12 23:16:13 socat[9884] E read(4, 0x8bb0e90, 8192): Connection timed out
< 2013/11/12 23:33:54.189209  length=10 from=0 to=9
11000000032013/11/12 23:51:03 socat[3137] E read(4, 0x9d4ce90, 8192): Connection timed out

Also, I finally pieced together what to do for the protocol sheet after staring a bit longer :)  I was able to switch between HDMI input using the iTest.exe application

now I just need to get the virtual serial port working and I'll be off to the races...

Installation issues / Re: 12.04 installation
« on: November 13, 2013, 07:16:26 am »
I have not been able to install 1204 successfully.

I used kubuntu 1204.3 desktop CD image.

The install went ok, it rebooted into the AV wizard.  DHCPD does not appear to be running on the core after the install.  I also wasn't able to get a media director screen to come up on my core, just a black screen, however that problem is gone after I updated today and rebooted.  Media Director onscreen orbiter will now come up on the core.  I still don't have dhcp server though, so hard to go much further...

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