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Installation issues / "Fresh" installation 12.04 July 24 29195
« on: July 30, 2014, 11:25:45 am »

Yesterday I did a fresh install of 12.04 snap 29195 (July 24):

- full DVD installation
- core/hybrid
- vdr


- If there is no dhcp on the external lan then network configuration is not properly set by the installer. After first reboot you must wait a very long time to boot up. Fixed by setting external router to act as dhcp and complete reinstall, which is much faster than manually configure network settings. -> Asking the user during installation could make sense to avoid this.

- A/V Wizard comes up after second reboot (still no sound). At first reboot Sara comes up but with no video and no sound. Install wizard can be completed without seeing oder hearing her.

- VDR does not work from the start (I). Errors in VDR-log show connection refusals. Fixed by: streamdevhosts.conf/allowed_hosts.conf must be configured manually to
=> version 1.7.22 is quite old -> is it possible to integrate more recent versions?

- VDR does not work from the start (II): /var/lib/video.00 does not exist -> created it manually + added "user=root" in /etc/default/vdr

- Installation is faster than 10.04; less minor problems during installation compared to 10.04. (e.g. setting screen resolution)

Next steps:

- Diskless MD creation (2x)
- ZWave setup

Best regards

Installation issues / LMCE 10.04 or 12.04 or 14.04?
« on: July 09, 2014, 04:33:16 pm »

I'm using 10.04. in my house with a dedicated core and 2 diskless mds. It is used every day and is working with more or less issues and workarounds.

I think 10.04 is not getting updated / bug fixed / improved anymore (is this true?). So I am considering upgrading my whole system. Especially the better zwave environment in 12.04/14.04 is a big reason for upgrading to me and I hope I could get rid of some issues.

I won't upgrade if the 12.04 / 14.04. versions are not suitable for every day use. If they are too buggy an update does not make sense for me. My wife would kill me if she cannot watch tv anymore.  :)

So my questions are:

- What do you think about usability of version 12.04 in a productive every day environment in its actual state?
- how long does it take to update the core and the 2 diskless mds? (Hours? Days?  ;) )
- should I do an update or a clean installation? can I migrate settings (e.g. VDR channels, floorplans, orbiter settings)?

Some more details of my system:

- core and mds are normal PCs (IntelCore2 DUO with Intel Chipsets)
- tv system is vdr with a DVB-S2 card and CI on the core
- zwave home automation with 11 nodes with USB-Stick on the core
- android tablets (qorbiter) and iphones  (dianemo app)  as orbiters

thanks for your replys!


Users / Re: Need some dedicated testers.
« on: July 06, 2014, 07:45:55 pm »
So far:
- qt5 version crashes after the loading screen, does not work on my android tablets
- qt4 version runs ok with some issues:
-> conrolling tv ends in endless loop on the md (vdr). The vdr on the md tries to switch channels continously beginning with channel no. 1. Only after a complete restart of the md my vdr is controllable again.
-> no floorplans
-> the description of media files is too big (font size)
-> accesss to the media files is very slow
-> where are the scenarios (sleeping, lighting, security)?
-> only two working skins


Users / Re: New Fibaro Zwave multisensor FGMS-001
« on: July 01, 2014, 04:28:21 pm »
In the mean time I got two hints:

1. In general battery powered devices (the Fibaro especially) should be included at the same place where they later will be used. -> To fix this: exclude and re-include at the distant place.

2. In the manual I found the default settings for temperature, brightness level and tamper detection reports. They are all turned off! I will try to turn them on and lets see what happens.

When it is working I will put this into the wiki.



Users / Re: New Fibaro Zwave multisensor FGMS-001
« on: June 30, 2014, 09:47:33 am »
did you find out something interesting?  :)

Users / Re: New Fibaro Zwave multisensor FGMS-001
« on: June 21, 2014, 11:50:05 am »
I've got it working partially. Here is what I did and what I observed:

1. The Fibaro is recognized as an Generic Sensor. After it has been woken up the capabilities field gets filled. Manually I added the battery level field. It gets also filled.
2. It has three association groups. Associating the main controller to the second group results in working tamper detection.
3. Temperature, light and tamper alerts are only transferred to Linuxmce when in direct connection the main controller ( max 3-5 metres). I solved it for the motion alerts by setting an association to the desired switch in my case.

1. Temperature, brightness level, tamper alerts can be seen in the Zwave.log (when in direct connection to the usb-stick/main controller. How can I use them in Linuxmce? I tried several device templates, with and without node instances (e.g. 2 or 2/1) but with no luck.
2. How can I use the other alerts without direct connection to the main contrroller? Are there  e.g. suitable repeaters available?

Thanks for your hints!


Users / Re: New Fibaro Zwave multisensor FGMS-001
« on: June 15, 2014, 11:06:35 am »
I'm using 10.04. (The 12.04 Zwave page is the most important reason for me to consider upgrading, but atm I don't want to make things more complicated).
Yes, you are right. The only sensor listed is the motion detector under the Zwave Embedded Security Interface. The other sensors I added manually.

There are no records in the Zwave-logs regarding the motion sensor. Logs from the other devices do not exist. I don't know where to start troubleshooting. At least the motion detector part should work...

Any hints?


Users / New Fibaro Zwave multisensor FGMS-001
« on: June 04, 2014, 09:29:02 am »

I'm using Z-wave for home automation. Recently I bought the new Fibaro multisensor FGMS-001.  It detects temperature, motion and light intensity.

I included it into the zwave network. LMCE recognizes it as a "motion detector" under the "Zwave embedded security interface" in the devices tree.

Now I am facing two problems:

1. how do I add the other sensors (light and temperature) in the linuxmce-website to work properly? I already tried to add an additional sensor manually but with no luck (the device settings page is empty, i.e. no node id, no capabilities)

2. how do I use the sensors in general?
I am a bit confused with the handling. On the one hand there is the event handler ("respond to events"). On the other hand there are those zwave associations. To make it clear:
When the motion detector is triggered a light should be switched on. --> how do I do that? (event handler or zwave associations or both?).
I already tried the event handler (advanced), but this does not work.

Thanks for your help!



Users / Re: Many minor issues
« on: June 04, 2014, 09:08:06 am »
@posde: thanks for the hint. I will take a closer look at the qorbiter for my android tablet.

1. Tearing:
VDR is now operating in 50Hz mode. But tearing is still there.

Users / Re: Many minor issues
« on: May 30, 2014, 10:40:22 am »
Thanks for your reply.

1. Tearing
I'll give it a try when I'm at home this evening (60 Hz -> 50 Hz).

2. UI2
I too use the Titanium Skin (silver) with normal horizontal (16:9), but with a German language setting. Maybe there is a problem with the translation.
3. / 4.
What about the lags? Do you have remarkable lags when using qOrbiter? Maybe my Galaxy Tab is too slow/old (I think it's the very first one from Samsung)

5. Music solution
At least here in Germany Logitech does not offer any Squeezebox products anymore. So Sonos or Airport express setups are the only way, when you do not want to buy used stuff.

best regards!

Users / Many minor issues
« on: May 29, 2014, 11:13:36 am »

I'm operating a LMCE-Core and two diskless in MD in my house (10.04). It is in use since a few months. In this period of time I figured out some minor issues which are more or less annoying. But I didn't manage to fix them. I would like to discuss them and maybe get some hinds how to work around or fix.

To avoid misunderstandings: I like LinuxMCE und I want to use it. I am going to expand my home automation with even more z-wave devices. (ATM I only use a USB-Dongle and a wall plug with a lamp for testing reasons).

1. Tearing in VDR
In my living room there is a 50" Plasma TV. The MD is working with an NVIDIA 8400GS 256MB graphics card connected via HDMI. When watching TV (SD or HD does not matter) there are horizontal lines (tearing?). I have already read many of those related topics throughout the internet. The PowerMizer-Settings do always reset after restarting the MD. But the tearing is always there, even if I switched the PowerMizer-Settings to the right setting. Doing this tearing gets better, but does not disappear. I also tried other possible fixes (composite on/off and so on) but none of them are fixing this problem. On the other MD I do not have tearing with an intel inboard graphics.

2. UI2 very buggy/incomplete
I use the UI2 in my living room. I already tried several skins. But all of them are buggy. E.g. the description of the "Playlist" item is missing, the descriptions of the items under "Advanced" are confusing.

3. Handling of LMCE via Orbiters
I tried iphone4, iphone5, iphone5s, Android-Tablet and weborbiter to find out which is the best. I am disappointed. I didn't get them to work flawlessly. The least annoying one is the Dianemo App. But when you try to handle TV-watching with zapping, Volume up an down und scrolling through EPG it is very frustrating because of the slow response. It even gets stuck sometimes when you press a wrong button which is not functional. A lot of the nice features LinuxMCE has are not usable with my actual setup. To be honest: in 2014 I am not going to buy me an old school Symbian phone to control LMCE. My Nokia E51 does not work at all (wrong firmware/model), by the way. My first idea was to buy one or two android apps und stick them to the wall to have a nice control station but with no really working and nice looking apps I will wait for improved app or better/other solutions.

4. Remote controls
Formerly I used MediaPortal and then switched to LinuxMCE. In the old system I used X10 remote controls to control the clients. It worked fine! But under LMCE I did not get them to work. It cost me a couple of hours with no success. The only thing that worked reliably is a Microsoft wireless keyboard. But that is not what i want. Here in Germany the USB-UIRT is hard to get so that I never tried IR-remotes.

5. Music/Video database view / LMCE as music solution
I have an MP3-Database with about 16000 Songs. Flipping through the database on the UI2 is very annoying because it is very slow and not free of bugs. The way for me to work around is to work with playlists. So for music reasons I won't use LMCE. I bought an Airport Express an attached it to the amp. Works flawlessly, but is no LMCE-solution. Squeezeboxes are mentioned in the wiki. Logitech does not offer them anymore. I could buy Sonos-Products, but is no LinuxMCE-solution,too. What is the alternative for that, when I do not want an additional amp with all those cables around?

I really like LMCE, but in conclusion I must say: LMCE has a large potential, but atm it is not "nice" with too many little quirks und problems.

Comments please!  ;)



Installation issues / web admin -> VDR Setup not working
« on: October 21, 2013, 09:50:03 pm »

I recently installed LinuxMCE 10.04 (Kubuntu 10.04. plus install script installation)
as a hybrid/core with VDR selected as TV App.

VDR version 1.7.27 from yaVDR-Repos with vdradmin-am has been installed and is working.

In the web admin page there is a VDR Setup function. But for me it does not work.

An error message appears and it tells me to setup VDR in the command line.

what should appear here?

Thanks for hints.


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