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Installation issues / Re: 12.04 installation
« on: December 18, 2013, 05:49:57 am »
try turning on ipv6 as 12.04 uses this instead of ipv4 this might help your problem,ive had network issues like this too are you using 10/1000 network cards?

 :'( i have no lan with my new asus motherboard ,fresh install of 10.04 mce,funny thing my knoppix flash drive os is what im using now other opperating systems used the internet works fine just linuxmce that doensent work.i guess after using linuxmce fora few years im not supprised does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix? i see 120.4 is stuck in a holding pattern, i have to many issues with 1204 and my hardware to mess with it anymore right now id like to get my 10.04 back working though i have a ton of money wrapped up in this shit! oh and on another the back up utility in the admin site waste of time back ups dont work ,i didnt get any changes after appying a restore from a 825 mb back up about a years worth of fucking with mce 10.04 to get it to work right, its a shame i had to get new hardware now im screwed !!!! any help would be awesome if anyone still uses this os,thanks john

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