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Users / Re: Looking to control AV equipment in courtroom
« on: May 19, 2013, 08:25:15 pm »
wouldn't it be much simpler to use a converter/switch for input and something like a HDMI splitter to achieve this?
Yes it would but eventually I would like to use it to control future equipment such as a projector and screen plus the lighting.  It is really just a way for me to get something tangible for the commissioners to see and mess with so that I can talk them into doing some full courthouse automation in the future.  The only part i'm worried about is controlling the doc cam via rs232

Users / Re: Looking to control AV equipment in courtroom
« on: May 19, 2013, 06:13:33 pm »
As much as I like the idea, I would think there are so many legal issues (no pun intended) involved here.  Aside from the multimedia presentation aspect; good, clean recordings that are labeled well of everyone involved, the ability for the judge to mute all of the mics if he has a bench meeting, getting the right camera where you want it etc.

I can't tell where you are from but if you are in the states you may want to check out  They have been doing courtroom automation since the VCR and have an incredible system.  The engineers and original creators are geniuses. You would be doing yourself a service to at least investigate what is out there.

I appreciate the advise.  Let me add some info for you, there will be no mics and no cameras.  This is strictly to show video across 6 monitors using DVD, Doc Cam, and laptop inputs.  I just am always looking ahead and know that with the automation part of the lmce, if i can blow the commissioners away with this UI for controlling the court room, then they will be very open to using the technology in other parts of the courthouse and jail for automation and control. I will def check out the link you posted and thank you.
PS> I understand the legal aspects as I do have a system in the county courtroom that records audio and does movi tele-vid to the other courts in the state, I am currently designing a "movi room" in the jail so that the prisoners will not have to be taken from one building to the next.  We are a very small county so I am always looking at implementing linux into our infrastructure for cost reasons as well as security reasons. 

Users / Looking to control AV equipment in courtroom
« on: May 17, 2013, 06:07:00 pm »
Hello everyone.  I am upgrading the tech in a courtroom and would love to implement lmce into the courtroom.  I need to be able to control a document camera with the orbiter, such as zoom, split screen, and also the AV switcher that is built into the doc cam.  I see that controlling the DVD player will be pretty easy.  My main concern is the doc cam control and being able to control all 6 monitors around the courtroom both as a group and individually.  I would greatly appreciate any advise on this as this will be my first experience with lmce.  I am hoping that i can blow away the commissioners with what I do in the courtroom that they will decide to go forward with automating the entire courthouse, using lcme.  Thanks in advanced for the help.

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