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Users / Re: Linuxmce10.04 & AVWizard issue
« on: October 13, 2012, 03:23:20 am »
Sorry for the delay, been out of town..

Thank you both for your responses. After reading some of the posts on here I chose to just reload with a newer version (26551) since 26541 seem to have issues, like no audio, no PXE, a/v to name a few.

I will advise back should I have any probs.

Once again, thank you for your assistance.


Users / Re: Linuxmce10.04 & AVWizard issue
« on: October 10, 2012, 08:57:32 am »
Has this issue been solved yet?

I obtained the latest iso (10-8-12) and installed it on an Intel spare machine I have here. After installing it as a Core/MD everything went according to plan till it finished listing all the starting devices and regen then a black screen with just the mouse showing and nothing from there. I did notice that upon reboot that it keeps saying "xorg.conf missing. Also, as one post noted when it did run the AV wizard that the AV Wizard screen is shifted to the lower right only showing the top left portion of the wizard. This occured every time I rebooted and attempted to get to the AV Wizard again.

I finally reloaded as a "Headless Core" only. Even upon boot it still shows "unable to find xorg.conf loading Intel driver". I assume that s the correct way. I then went to /etc/pluto and changed the AutoStartMedia=0 to 1, rebooted and the AV Wizard displayed properly and went through the setup process, but then after loading and starting everything and regen it still end up at a black screen with just a white mouse pointer showing, also during AV setup no audio is obtained as was on and earlier version of 10.04. I can move the mouse and see it moves on the screen but nothing else.

 Now if I install an Nvida card and set it up that way then pull the Nvida out and turn the on board video back on it at least gets to a point where it pops up a screen stating it could not start x.

Question is there a way to get to a command prompt while it is starting up before it runs the AV so I can change it back to headless core only? Also, I used a laptop and  went to and all works fine there. I turned on access to ssl in hopes to just go back in and change it to a headless core but I can't gain access to it through ssl, any suggestions?

Another issue I still have and will work on later is that it won't PXE boot an MD. I thought that the latest version of 10.04 had this corrected. When I attempt to do a /usr/pluto/bin/ it stops with errors stating unable to obtain files from the mirror. That's for another day.


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