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Users / Re: FreePbx
« on: October 24, 2012, 12:33:38 am »

As I said earlier I think it's going to be a bug within LMCE and it's db. Please run the following command from a command line on the LMCE machine:

sip set debug ip  (put in your IP address of you LMCE machine that the SPA is trying to communicate on)

The post here so I can see what it is doing. Since there is no peer found running sip show peer won't show what's going on between the SPA and LMCE, using the "IP" will.

Asterisk is not finding the peer name you are trying to register with the SPA. There is either a user name or password not matching up with what Asterisk is looking for based on what Asterisk is pulling from it's db, normally Asterisk pulls this info from it's AstDB.

Also while your at it, copy and paste your "sip.conf" file here, you can find it on the LMCE server /etc/asterisk/sip.conf, oh wait a minute, there is no sip.conf on the LMCE machine I have under etc/asterisk..... Either it is located somewhere else and I'm not aware of or found yet, or, it's been renamed to something else, or, maybe someone forgot to include it in the build....

I will be tied up till after ten tonight so I won't be able to get right back to you, but I will look at it tonight. Stop pulling your hair out, I'm sure there is a simple answer to it all.


Users / Re: Another commercial LinuxMCE variant
« on: October 22, 2012, 02:07:06 am »
Looks very nice and interesting.

Where is this available (like a link), how much cost and what additional options?



Users / Re: FreePbx
« on: October 22, 2012, 01:59:02 am »

"BTW, where should i define the dialplans according to the trunk?", that and other isses from what I am seeing with the way LMCE setup files with Asterisk this is the problem.

Where we had (under FreePBX) the ability to set the following:

General Settings, Dialed Rules, Outgoing Peer Details (including the ability to list what codecs to use), User Context & Details plus the Registration String....

we don't under the way LMCE has it setup now. Not all VoIp providers have a "Standard" of connection. It would be nice if they did as it would make life easier. That's where something like FreePBX comes in so that you can modify necessary information. Just like under "Phones" we don't have the ability to choose the codecs, the Outbound CID Number Alias, and a host of other options.

If LMCE could find it in their design to at least code the phone line page & phones page to resemble the same as is under FreePBX it would be great.

I, under the circumstances, don't feel I can help you any further as I see the problems being all within LMCE. It will take a rewrite of some code to fix.

Sorry I couldn't be of better help


Users / Re: FreePbx
« on: October 21, 2012, 10:41:11 pm »

The first thing you need to do is get all the "401" & "403" response codes fixed.

I'm seeing that your VoIp provider is not rejecting(401 code) then accepting. Educate me again on some things:

How does you machine communicate with the "outside" world? From LMCE to a router, to a DSL/Cable modem and are you using a static IP? If dynamic IP have you registered with someone like or are you just dependant on your Internet Service Provider?

On the spa, if I am correct I'm seeing 401 & 403s, you need to check that the user name & password are the same as what LMCE has entered in its database. It could be that it is and the database is not storing the passwords the same. I have had this issue before in the past, a corrupt database.....

I'm also seeing that the spa is trying to communicate on port 5061, is this the only port in the spa that is assigned, if so you need to have it at beginning at 5060 and end with blank or at least 5061.
I'm assuming that it is set for 5061, asterisk normally starts with 5060....

Had to look your post over pretty quick as I have to leave for church but will check it again when I return but in the passing time check for all your 401 & 403 and try to correct them, as I say it's a authentication issue. I have a website that will give you the sip responses at: and you can always go to asterisk web site for additional info.


Users / Re: Linuxmce10.04 & AVWizard issue
« on: October 21, 2012, 07:36:26 am »

Sir I installed the latest snapshot #26573 today. As before when it gets to the A/V setup scree its still off centered to the lower right. You can only see a portion of the first box on the left and not the center or right boxes. I went ahead a selected with VGA2, 1024 x 720, and 60 hertz and hit enter, then when it reloaded for verifying selection the screen was perfectly located where it needed to be.

I still have no audio and Dell machine I listed still has same problem. HP diskless laptop booted just fine. Now I had installed a Encore Capture card, thinking there may be an issue with it conflicting with audio I took it out and rebooted machine, still no audio, so I reloaded the software again and still no audio.

Thank you sir

Users / Re: Linuxmce10.04 & AVWizard issue
« on: October 19, 2012, 08:19:10 am »
Will do and will let you know how it goes.


Users / Re: Linuxmce10.04 & AVWizard issue
« on: October 18, 2012, 09:42:47 am »
Should I do an upgrade from the command line or reinstall a newer version?
If from the command line what command would you recommend?

Thanks for checking it out and your help.


Users / Re: Linuxmce10.04 & AVWizard issue
« on: October 18, 2012, 02:39:43 am »

Don't feel bad, I broke a lot of code I've been working on about three months ago and ended up just walking away from it for about a month.

The MD I'm was trying to use for test is a Dell Optiplex 260 with Intel, no HDD, 1.5 mem, booting with PXE. I would like to try to use this machine as I have about twelve of them sitting on the shelf collecting dust. When I do the PXE, it assigns an IP address, does the complete boot, displays "no xorg.conf file found, loading Intel driver" then does the rest of its boot then get to the hangup of "can't start X". I tried several thinking there maybe a prob with one or two and none would do the X.

I have since set them aside and took one of my spare laptops, a "HP Entertainment Notebook PC Laptop" and set it to PXE boot and it works just fine (except audio), bootup and X. I also took a Fujitsu laptop specifically for gaming and PXE booted it and it does its thingee (again, except for audio).

On all machines Intel driver was loaded. No Xorg.conf files were found at any time.
What do you think the audio issue might be? Can I upgrade to your fixes or do I have to reload the whole server software?



Users / Re: FreePbx
« on: October 18, 2012, 02:19:34 am »
Before you do anything, turn the firewall off and try all your registrations and see if they work. The process of elimination so to speak. Then

Do a "sip set debug on" then do a "sip show peers". Post the results here or send to my email I will try to see what's happening with SPA.

Also, I see that you have listed sip.conf and sip_additional_conf. Have you actually modified these files and added what you needed on the new machine with 10.04? On newer versions of * sip.conf and others like it are rewritten when you reload *, older versions didn't do that. Check to make sure that your sip.con doesn't say at the beginning like "to modify another conf file as this file is overwritten when reloading * . I will read through you conf files posted tonight when I get free and see if I can tell what's going on.

I am planning tonight on seeing if it is just possible to set LMCE up as a client to a external * machine and be done with trying to make * in LMCE work.


Users / Re: FreePbx
« on: October 17, 2012, 08:36:11 am »

From what I am observing with LMCE 10.04 and phone line/phones set-up I can see where pw44 is justly frustrated beyond belief.

As it is now if you happen to have a Grandstream or Snome phone that does an FTP boot then setting up a plug and play sip phone probably works well for the common user. But, for someone like pw44 or myself whom has a ATA setting up this box to work can be a hassle unless you know the inner workings (code) of Asterisk.

There are some VoIp providers that you just have to go in and modify certain details of the trunk set-up and by having something like a FreePBX front-end to Asterisk makes this a breeze. Things like Outbound CID, maximum channels and dial rules, user details and peer details not to mention the registration string. In addition, LMCE now does not allow for modifications of certain details of an extension when setting it up. Such as what codecs to allow or deny, what Ip's allow/deny, or if it is a SIP, IAX2, DAHDI, ZAP or Custom device or nat settings.. And, for those of us that are knowledgeable, setting up IVR and voice mail options that meet our needs for around the home.

What do you do in the case of a person who has their own landline, wants to install an FXO/FXS card into the LMCE box and use sip phones through out the house? Just asking for personal knowledge.

I would think, IMHO, that a downloadable add-on GUI like FreePBX or something similar would have been the way to go that would allow those of us knowledgeable a way to set-up Asterisk to meet our needs, or, just setting LMCE code to connect to an external Asterisk Box. Asterisk is like LMCE, it's free and setting up a separate machine is less costly then setting up  a LMCE machine and probably would have made LMCE coders a lot happier not having to mess with the Asterisk portion.

For pw44, he has what sounds like three issues. One, the trunk detail to his SIP provider and two possibly a NAT issue (one way audio is normally caused by NAT issues), and three - as  far as the SPA-3102, if the parameters within it are set properly it should register with the LMCE if not then he needs to check its parameters. For the SPA-3102 he can determine what's going on by running sip debug command on a command line entry on the main server and watch what is going on when it tries to register.

Since I haven't learned all there is to LMCE, the question I have again is is it possible to download FreePBX and install it without totally destroying LMCE? Has anyone tried to do it - is it possible? If not then I guess those of us that need the ability to have Asterisk do what we wish and keep it part of the LMCE idea then people like me will be forever stuck with LMCE 8.10 unless something else comes along.

Asterisk has a lot to offer even the home user or better still the SMB. Not taking advantage of its potential I think leaves LMCE limited in its potential, again just my opinion.


Users / Re: Encore PCI Tuner Cards
« on: October 16, 2012, 01:53:43 am »
Hey support guru's,

Is there a way to tell within LMCE if my Encore PCI Tv Tuner is being seen by LMCE like maybe somewhere under devices - core? lspci sees it but I'm not seeing where it is available within LMCE.

microbrain (trust me it is micro)

Users / FreePbx
« on: October 14, 2012, 07:48:42 pm »
I downloaded the stable addition of 8.10 and installed it on a test box to try and get a grip on an actual working LMCE. In playing with it I noticed that FreePBX was a part of that version. I know that I can download and install FreePBX but I'm not sure if the current version of FreePBX is what works with 8.10 or 10.04-26551. Is there a script, add-on a known way that I can install FreePBX on 26551 of 10.04 and where would I need to change the link in LMCE admin page to get to FreePBX once I install it? Maybe someone has install it on 10.04 and would like to post how they did it. I read in some other posts that it was removed due to people not familiar with FreePBX making changes that caused breaking LMCE.

I would like to take advantage of additional options within the Asterisk PBX that are not accessible within LMCE.



Users / Re: Encore PCI Tuner Cards
« on: October 14, 2012, 05:35:11 pm »
Nope, I be typing it modprob instead of modprobe. Had to clean the cobwebs out and remember my proper unix language.

Question, if the card is actually working and recognised by lmce should I see it listed in devices under core?


Users / Encore PCI Tuner Cards
« on: October 14, 2012, 02:01:23 am »
Would like to know if anyone was able to install and set up this card "Encore ENLTV-FM3" and maybe what you did to get it to work.

I see it's Phillips chip listed when I do a lspci and have tried to do a modprobe card number change but I keep getting "Modprobe command not found".

I'm sure it is something I'm doing wrong.



Users / Re: Linuxmce10.04 & AVWizard issue
« on: October 14, 2012, 01:24:54 am »
Well I reinstalled with latest (26551). All went fairly well till I got to the A/V wizard. The A/V display was off centred to the right and slightly down, I went ahead and applied the settings as I knew how they were supposed to be just using the arrow keys, once I hit enter, the A/V aligned it's self as required. I chose VGA-2, 1024X720(4.3) and 60hz. I continued on to the next step of audio, unfortunately I have no audio now. This was the issue with 26541 and not with prior builds. Maybe a suggestion on what to look at?

Other then that the software loaded and generated all the screens. I am still having issues with PXE boot, it does now automatically detect and start loading diskless MD but it gets to the point where it pops up an A/V wizard box that states "Unable to start X" and hangs from there. Upon entering "Ok" it does not respond. Only way out is to manually power down Diskless MD.

Thanks, hope this is helpfull


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