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Users / Linux MCE + Plone/Other CMS
« on: July 13, 2012, 10:22:56 am »
I am thinking about installing Linux MCE on my home server, but heres the thing, it's a new server that I want to use to stream films from (on my TV), host my personal website (yet to be developed, would like to use Plone)

What I am asking is, is this possible (do them at the same time)??

I couldnt see from the screenshots how one might get access to the terminal

also i am a bit of a Linux n00b (Software developer by trade, but tend to use doze machines) so installing plone might be an issue

i realise it ships with a version of KDE, which might be fine to dev the site in, but if i set plone up as a service there, will that port over to MCE too?

how can I install the various things like Python, PIL, etc, etc

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