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Hi folks,

I'm new to LinuxMCE (ver 10.04) , an tackling one problem at a time, this is my first attemp via chat rooms.  so here goes

I've setup a virtual box (Sun's version) and got the ubuntu up and running, I played many avi, mp4 ... but keeps failing on mkv files, I've install gnome-mplayer to test in case it wasn't support, but I'm able to play mkv file and works great on gnome-mplayer, but LinuxMCE keeps failing, it would seem that it pluto-xine doesn't like it, keeps failing at , it can't find or and when i put a sym link to it. it fails at sharing.  I'm not  familiar with xine so , has anyone got the pluto-xine working on vbox with mkv files?

I'm using LinuxMCE 10.04, I've tried to do apt-get update and upgrades , but that didn't help. all links found said it was fix on this version.  obviously i didn't really expect for it to fix it, i don't get that type of luck. But since gnome-player works and vbox doesn't use the nvidia.  it a ' InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH VirtualBox Graphics Adapter' , thier has to be a way to get a vdpau or a driver  to work with pluto-xine for the mkv

Hi folks, has any figure a way to get mkv to play on pluto-xine-player,  I have not nvidia card.  but that shouldn't stop it, since my gnome-mplayer and mplay both can play it. so trying to find the work around on pluto-xine-player

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