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Users / Re: Heating Control
« on: October 29, 2011, 08:40:11 pm »
Id agree that good insulation, better glazing etc will make big savings. I also agree that re-heating a home from a cold temp takes more energy than holding a set temp. I have a very efficient boiler but i live in the country and run my heating on LPG.
My current system has an intelligent thermostat with timers. It sets an economy temp and a comfort temp.

I have readup and set the economy temp as 15 degs C and the comfort as 19.5

However 15 degs is fine when im not there (sometimes a day or two) but too cold IMO for night time use. Also when in economy mode due to the nature of the TRV's some rooms will be taking more heat than required (as they dont know they are in economy mode) and the boiler will only switch off when the single termostat gets to 15 degs.

I feel there will be savings as well as the temp being more accurate in all rooms when in comfort mode. But i dont want to rely on just timers. SOmetimes i get back from work at 4pm, sometimes 10pm. Im sure a lot of you are the same.

So it makes sense to me to have proper, accurate and intelligent control per room / rad. Plus my intruder alarm (my job is electronic security) knows when im in, out and in bed. It seems logical to link them.

I did start a project using 24v cabled valves as I write the intergration software at work for linking cctv, intruder access and fire together in .net. But i couldnt find a pretty and reasonably priced room temp sensor and the wiring would be a nightmare in my house. So i shelved it. It seems some things are getting close but i cant find anything that is perfect and expandable. Maybe the new nest project or google HA system will provide the answers.

If the new danfoss system is zwave and they have temp sensors in the tvr's (looks like it) then it make be possible to use these rather than their own controller.

Users / Re: Heating Control
« on: October 21, 2011, 01:45:20 am »
I quite like the look of that danfoss system. But it doenst seem to accept external inputs etc? Also how would it interface into the boiler. If the rads dont need heat surly to save as much as possible it should turn the boiler off?

Id like something like that but with more fine control ie i dont want to use timers, if im in my alarm is either set or part set. If its fully set them no-one is there. If its part set im in bed. If its unset im there.

So id like to have that basic control but id also like to not heat rooms that are not occupied. ie office, spare rooms etc.

Maybe im wanting too much from a heating system lol

Users / Re: Integration with Heatmiser or other (UK) heating controllers.
« on: October 21, 2011, 01:40:34 am »
Im looking at using these valves etc but dont want to buy them if they wont work. Did this get integrated?

Users / Heating Control
« on: October 18, 2011, 02:43:17 am »
Hi all
I currently use Myth for media around the house, but want to improve my heating controls.

It seems daft to me to only have 1 temp sensor etc so id like some way to monitor temps in various locations. Setup zone temps etc based on time/alarm system status etc. ie no point increasing the temps if the alarm is still set.

Unfortunaty i cant get cables to temp sensors or rad valves. I had thought of making my own in but i still struggle on finding a wireless temp monitoring solution.

Anyone got anywhere with doing something similar?
I also want to conrtrol lighting etc but my biggest saving i feel will be in heating IMO

James (UK)

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