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I can buy there on the german Ebay, for an interesting price, but whats up with this firmware issue?

Is there a way to check before buying?


PS This the Ebay link :

I see that Danfoss has made a windows application, to make the Danfoss RA-Plus-W independant. Perhaps this tool is also usable on the Living Connect?
Site (In Dutch) :

Users / Re: 1004: The time has come.
« on: November 05, 2012, 03:56:33 am »
I dont know if this belongs here,

But after connecting my Synology NAS in my LinuxMCE network, it got detected. I have set the share's up as Public content, and use LMCE direcory structure. I moved my videos and audio into the LMCE dir structure. All things looked good. But video's do not get indexed. I can search for video's and they will play at my core, but not at any MD.

 For Audio, it doesn't work at all....

I've checked the directories, and there are only softlinks made in the /home/public/data/videos dir. Not in any other public directory

Also softlinks for videos are made on the MD's, but the NFS share doesn't get mounted.

Can anybody help me to shed some light onto this issue?


Users / Re: 1004: The time has come.
« on: June 26, 2012, 12:41:53 am »
I tried snap LMCE-1004-20120623013626110.iso
But it didn't boot, not from USB and not from DVD

It could not find the boot image

Now i am installing 1 snap earlier, and this one does boot.

Hi all,

As mentioned, i tried reinstalling my core.
At first everything seemed to go perfect, Kubuntu install, and MCE install from repo.
Core installed, all seemed to go smooth, after install, reboot, and i got the AVwizard, wow, finally all goes well )))
Configured with av wizard, X starts, black screen with white overlay mentioning the usual stuff. and after that :

"The Orbiter cannot register with the router. Please try again later."

Also if i look in the webadmin,Advanced,Configuration,Devices I see 3 core's with their own on-screen orbiters

I deleted the 2 extra cores, did a reset and a full regen on the orbiter, and a reboot.
Now i get the setup wizard, followed it, and finally, i have my LinuxMCE box.

Thanks everyone for your help.

1. I already have 3 seperate home networks, now with linuxmce there is a 4th... I have a Home LAN, a DMZ, and a Storage Network for my 2 ESXi servers and My Openfiler Storage server.

2. I have a NVidea Geforce 7600 GS in the LinuxMCE box. Screen-type VGA-2, Resolution at 1280x1024, Refresh at 60Hz
I have tried all 3 UI's now, but none work.

I have downloaded the latest snapshot, 23951, and will reinstall with this.


I have a NVidea video card

Now i also do have an /etc/X11/xorg.conf (My mistake of typing /etc/xorg.conf)

Yes, in the box are dual nics (triple actually one is wireless)

In my home network i use private static ip's. (172.16.x.x)

I can download a new snapshot, burn to DVD and reinstall,

But this is the 2nd install from this snapshot, and it is the same problem.

Does it matter that i have a static IP setup?

And I live in the beautiful country that is called the Netherlands

Also I had the 23931 snapshot

Ok, orbiter regen is finished, but no on screen orbiter.
Just a black screen with a mouse cursor.

Lets just think it is like windows machine, and reboot for every minor change.

After the reboot only a black screen with a mouse cursor.

Is there a way to manually start the orbiter?

Ok, i left my box overnight, it seems it is finished now.

@Pigdog These are exactly the steps that i have did to install this box.

What i see is a grey X screen, completely empty except for a mouse cursor
I do not have /etc/xorg.conf
I do not have /usr/pluto/bin/avwizard......

Something must have gone wrong somewhere

So i tried a reboot, still no AVWizard, but again the grey screen and overlay with "Installing :" packages
I will wait for this to finish, and reboot again.

Ok, install seems finished, i finally see /usr/pluto/bin/
After a reboot no avwizard, but a black screen with white overlay ))) Seems it is almost there

Again the overlay shows installing packages... and when that is finished, only a backscreen with mousecursor
I did crtl-alt-backspace, manually logged in, and manual run of /usr/pluto/bin/
Completly black screen, i tried pressing 1 - 5, i hear the beeps, but no screen, i tried q -t and yes, there is my AVWizard

Configured with the AVwizard, and i did a reboot, it boot, finally a decent resolution)) ok, now just wait for the orbiter regen

Hi all

I've tried LinuxMCE before in a test enviroment, then i had some install issues, but in the end i got it installed.

Now i want to install it on my new box.
I downloaded the latest snapshot, burned it onto a DVD
Followed this : guide

Kubuntu installed good. then i do the apt-get update andn the apt-get dist-upgrade
After these all seems well, i run the LinuxMCE installer from the Kubuntu desktop, i receive the error "kdesudo command not found", but i completely ignore it as per guide.
i see a few error coming from the sources.list, but it still continues.

After installing, i get prompted for a reboot.

Reboot, machine boots, and X starts, only grey background and X mousecursor

Whatever i do from here, post-install script, full-install script nothing will finish the installation, it always boots in this grey screen.

After a few apt-get updates, messing with the sources.list and doing pre-install, mce-install and post-install i rebooted, now it finally seems to go and install LinuxMCE.

I still see the Gray X screen, But now in with overlay some status messages, with Installing :

Am i finally there? Did i do something wrong with the install? Is the latest snapshot broken?
From what i remember from test enviroment, i dwnloaded the snapshot, burn on dvd, install, wait wait wait wait wait and wait again, then i had a functioning LinuxMCE.

Any advise is highly appriciated, the box is still installing, but i wanted to write this.


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