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Hi all

I've tried LinuxMCE before in a test enviroment, then i had some install issues, but in the end i got it installed.

Now i want to install it on my new box.
I downloaded the latest snapshot, burned it onto a DVD
Followed this : guide

Kubuntu installed good. then i do the apt-get update andn the apt-get dist-upgrade
After these all seems well, i run the LinuxMCE installer from the Kubuntu desktop, i receive the error "kdesudo command not found", but i completely ignore it as per guide.
i see a few error coming from the sources.list, but it still continues.

After installing, i get prompted for a reboot.

Reboot, machine boots, and X starts, only grey background and X mousecursor

Whatever i do from here, post-install script, full-install script nothing will finish the installation, it always boots in this grey screen.

After a few apt-get updates, messing with the sources.list and doing pre-install, mce-install and post-install i rebooted, now it finally seems to go and install LinuxMCE.

I still see the Gray X screen, But now in with overlay some status messages, with Installing :

Am i finally there? Did i do something wrong with the install? Is the latest snapshot broken?
From what i remember from test enviroment, i dwnloaded the snapshot, burn on dvd, install, wait wait wait wait wait and wait again, then i had a functioning LinuxMCE.

Any advise is highly appriciated, the box is still installing, but i wanted to write this.


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