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Installation issues / Grub error
« on: May 25, 2011, 01:14:53 am »
I tried installing the latest Linux MCE on my PC.
But since I'm too lazy to free up a hard drive or remove other drives I manually partitioned like I always do.

The drive I want to use is an IDE drive which gets recognized as SDD.

I tried it without changing partitions
sdd1 128 MiB ext3 /boot
sdd2 15 GiB ext3 /
sdd3 15 GiB ext3 (originally /home but not mounted in this case)
sdd5 about 80 GiB for data not mounted.
sdd6 2 GiB swap

I tried it with / and /boot formatted and mounted, then I removed both the partitions and installed it on a new sdd1 ext3 partition.

The problem is:

error: file not found.
grub rescue> _

The disk appears twice in grub as hd0 and hd4.

Some pages (like) give some instructions on booting, but I can't really find a .mod file to insmod.

I really haven't got any experience in this because I've never encountered an installed but unconfigured bootloader. Too bad, I really wanted to try lmce, but it'll have to wait till next time.

Developers / LinuxMCE as dd-wrt variant?
« on: March 31, 2011, 06:20:18 am »
Could it be possible to have dcerouter run on such limited hardware as commercially available routers which have extremely limited amounts of Flash, limited RAM and CPU. But are power efficient high level networking devices that usually operate reliable and are built for throughput.
Code: [Select] are many different versions of dd-wrt with the big and mega variants also include big applications like asterisk, samba, sftp and VPN etc..

I don't believe it will be possible to have standalone dce as an independant daemon any time soon, there are too many different tasks that now (initially) requires absolute control over the server.
Many people already have a cheap router that's online 24/7 and is configured as a home gateway, with usb and uart/gpio it is relatively simple to connect home automation and storage. These devices don't have the processing capacity to modify the data they transport, those tasks could be handled by another system like a living room PC which has to be capable of HD decoding. I also have to pay my energy bills and don't really like to keep those things switched on, but for a telephony application and home automation server this is inconvenient.

On dd-wrt they use Optware for loading services from external memory, maybe standalone dce could be an alternative configuration featuring dcerouter and a configurable number of services.
Code: [Select]
I must say that I don't really know more about linuxmce than I've read in the wiki and seen on youtube, but if I'm assuming things or if this discussion has already taken place, please excuse me.

I only hope to see more interest from people that have more time than money. When it's possible to experiment on something you already own, you'll have a better understanding of the requirements and are more likely to invest in useful devices.

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