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Users / Re: [12.04] OpenZWave Aeon ZStick Issue
« on: December 31, 2014, 03:36:07 pm »
Hi to all, this is my two cents,

Since I migrated to 1204 I have no zwave available.  The aeonlab zstick is behaving as rebelkiller mentioned.  I was able to do a resetcontroller and wipes all out if I take the zstick out and plug it back again after adding at least one light, LMCE doesn’t detect any light added, although, if I plug the zstick to a windows computer with a testing software, I can see the light added and it works.  I’ve seen that when this "lock up" happens LMCE also reports that the controller is not responding and if I use "top" at the console I see a zwave app taking 100% cpu.  The only way around this is to reboot the core (killing the app does not make the magic),  If I go to webadmin devices/core/zwave it does not appear the ZWave Embedded lights Interfa, only    ZWave Embedded Climate and security.
 I have very little experience on troubleshooting but I'm working my way to read other post's and learn to read the logs in order to be more helpful to the lmce community.  Not to put salt on any wound, this same setup with 1004 had no issues at all, but 1004 had issues in other ways that make me migrate anyways hahahahahaha.  Any hints on the logs Ill deeply appreciate it

Hi pigdog,

Same happened to me, sound  used to work ok on a previous 1204 release, I logically have no hdmi audio anymore :o. I have a zotac zbox.

Here is my video card info, probably is not listed and thats why is not detected during the boot up

root@moon159:~# lspci -nnk | grep VGA -A3
03:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation GT218 [ION] [10de:0a64] (rev a2)
        Subsystem: ZOTAC International (MCO) Ltd. Device [19da:3100]
        Kernel driver in use: nouveau
        Kernel modules: nouveau, nvidiafb




What's up with your network?

Dear All,

I have made many test these past days and I would like to share them all.

1.  Problem with the NOISY screen is solved by changin the grub.cfg

set gfxmode=1024x768

After this i finally got some video output and was able to follow the AVWIZARD

2. After that, I am unable to get the MD's running.  The system gives me dhcp but It wont for booting usin PXE, I have no idea why.  I ran Diskless TBZ without no errors found and nothing!

If I go to webadmin and check network settings, it says
"No record in Device_DeviceData for Network Interfaces"

Any ideas?

On one of my attempts, I found that appguard was giving me some headaches 

So since this is out of the scope of "NOISY SCREEN" I could call this post SOLVED and follow up with a new one of this issue.


Did it eventually -again waiting- boot into AVWizard which would allow you to chose resolution?

And if so what dis you choose?

Earlier you talked about headless - meaning it's not a core/hybrid you running it as monitorless.

You then need a MD to setup.

Did you try a Core/hybrid setup.?


Hi Pigdog.  YES you are right, I first started as a headless and then changed to core hybrid setup because usign the dvd option did not detected the network cards, so I used the kubuntu way and ran the script, this way I found no way to select headless but at least I have network, which is useless anyways hahahahahaah. 
Maybe I could find a way to correct the resolution.  I'll check what phenigma mentioned and check what is setup on both files.  Keep all posted.  I know it can work, I got all the way to get kubuntu gui perfectly working, so it is just a matter of know what to fix (I have no Idea!!!)



Thanks Pigdog, you were right. I waited and after a couple of minutes of crazy vertical lines an bars then i got splashes of pluto software installing. The last one was the orbiter regeneration. Once it finishes i get black screen. I did crtl alt f2 to get to the console then; then crtl alt f1 to see if there was something. and there was:

ConfirmDependencies INSTALL is running
ConfirmDependencies INSTALL done
InstallNewDevice is running
ConfirmDependencies buildall is running

The console was slightly out of range for my monitor, could check which resolution or refresh was setting up but at least i was able to read from the screen.

Any hints besides getting a new video card???



Installation issues / NOISY screen after installation is finished New 12.04
« on: February 20, 2014, 04:06:58 pm »
Dear All,

I was trying to install LMCE 1204 on a Proliant ML350 G4P (internal VGA no nvidia), just to have it as a headless server.  Installation wizard was perfect but just after reboot y got this noisy black with some dots or vertical lines as screen.  I was unable to do anything.  Then I tried only kubuntu 1204 only that this time I realized that the same thing happened but the messy screen was during the splash, after the splash then the log in screen was present without any issues.  Does the AVWizard shares the same vid config as the splash screen?.  Can this be fixed or is there any walk around?



Installation issues / Re: Endless Symbolic Link (SOLVED)
« on: June 13, 2013, 04:40:54 am »
Hello to all,

I am just finding on the way that there were some consequences, Sara's videos are gone!!! I forgot to back'em up hahahahahaha, and maybe many other things.  Also mythtv is not working I don't know why.  uPNP server is giving an erro code 500 which I have no idea what it is or if it is related or not.  Everything else seems to be good.



Installation issues / Re: Endless Symbolic Link (SOLVED)
« on: April 13, 2013, 02:54:36 pm »
Dear Friends.... I ended up doing it the "easy" way.  I took all the media out.  Cleaned the RAID, mkfs, waited until the beautiful blue box  at the orbiter asking me to add the drive, LMCE structure, put the files back.  It is interesting to mention that the first time, i used gparted to make the FS and did not worked, the drive was there but it was undetectable by LMCE.  I think that it used something else than normal ext2 or 3.  Tried again at the shell and voila!  (#mkfs /dev/sdb1/ ) .  I followed the "adding a new hard drive" @ the wiki of LMCE, worked perfectly.

Thanks again for all you help,



Installation issues / Re: Endless Symbolic Link
« on: April 11, 2013, 02:53:48 am »
In the webadmin device tree, find your share.  Check the field PK_User (I think), what is it set for?  It should normally be set for LMCE structure (something like that).  Sorry about being vague, I'm not at a system right now to verify these settings.

You should never access your drive through /mnt/device/128.

Always access files through /home/public/data/audio/<device>/ or /home/public/data/video/<device>/ , etc.


Hi Phenigma,

Thanks for your help, I checked and it is already selected to LMCE structure.  I always access the files via /home, It was just to mention the real path, but thanks anyways for the guidance. 
Any hints.?

Installation issues / Re: Endless Symbolic Link
« on: April 08, 2013, 03:50:10 am »
Not Working!!! :'(
If I copy the video's to the local hard drive, they work, but if I copy them to the raid (/mnt/devices/128/  public or user_1 or anywhere, nothing happens.  Before you shoot me in the head.  I would love to understand what is going on.  Which log file should I check before asking for more help.
I'm already thinking on using plan B.  Remove all files, from the raid. reconfig raid device and put them back.
But probably it is something fairly easy and Im willing to try to solve it!



Installation issues / Re: Endless Symbolic Link
« on: April 04, 2013, 05:49:57 pm »
That would be here:


Thanks Coley!!!, Ill give it a try tonight!!!!  Ill keep all posted!

Installation issues / Re: Endless Symbolic Link
« on: April 04, 2013, 04:52:03 am »
Ha!!! disregard the previous Post!!!.  On the webadmin all looks perfect, but in real life, there are no thumnails, regardless of what says on the webadmin, and none of the videos work.

Anyone that knows how to drop the database and start from scratch??



Installation issues / Re: Endless Symbolic Link
« on: April 04, 2013, 04:25:47 am »
Ok I think I fix it without re installation.

Fix fstab by commenting the /home that was pointing to the hardware raid, deleted the device that represented the raid drive.  After the reboot it was almost all good.

Linuxmce user had some missing files due to I used the raid has home for looong time.  I cp all the files that where at the now /mnt/devices/xxx/home/linuxmce to /home/linuxmce and voila!! now I was good to go to kde desktop.  Also, don't forget to delete the symbolic links within the users and public that pointed to the raid again and again.

Everything "looks" clean now except the database!

Resync did not fix it but auto tagging did!! 
I have to check anyway for all the files.  Just for curiosity, Is there a way to drop and rebuild the database?



Installation issues / Re: Endless Symbolic Link
« on: March 31, 2013, 02:02:07 pm »


Don't mess with the basic filesystems, you will break the storage layer epically. (Why is it that power Linux users have the hardest time with this system? you guys just want to break things because you assume how things work without actually studying how they work!)

Keep /home on the boot system, and simply let the system detect the RAID 5 disk, and tell it to use the disk with LMCE file structure. You'll need to move /home off of that disk, and then let the storage layer correct itself. This should also show you NOT to fuck with fstab.


Hi Thom,  ;D :D  :-X hahahahahhahahaha!!! Thanks for your words of wisdom.  There should be a " What not to do" Section @ the wiki!!!  8).  I'll work on it and see how it goes!.  I might take all out and start from scratch .  That could put me on the death list of my daughter and wife but if I fix it quick enough they might not notice

Installation issues / Re: Endless Symbolic Link (SOLVED)
« on: March 31, 2013, 03:28:06 am »
Dear Friends,  Im a little bit lost on how LMCE manages filesystems.  
Some Time ago I started working with 1004, when I migrated from 810, I decided to change a little bit the structure and use a  small SSD as system disk and a hardware raid 5 for /home
LMCE detect it as a new hard drive (I don't know why) so it is added in the list of devices.  The problem is that, now I have the symb link that creates a endless loop because it points to itself.  This is creating me some issues with the autodetection of media and I have repeated movies and songs.  This of course is happening for all the users since the "new drive" was selected to use LMCE structure.
Any way to correct this?
The problem becomes more evident as more files I add to the system.  This is also possible to see when copying files from windows, check image attached (From the content you can clearly see that this is my daughter's spot!  :P )

Any hints are welcome.

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