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See /usr/pluto/templates/asound.conf tompin2.

Hi L3mce, apologies for my ignorance but, what do you want me to see?, my ignorance is making me blind  :-\

 I have checked the asound.conf template and I know that it will be used every time you reboot but
pcm. !default asym_hdmi
is not in that template, who adds it to the asound.conf @ /etc ?
Can you help me on getting the surround working.  It seems that it is not following the pass-through check at the lmce web admin.

Im really thinking on opening a new post only dedicated to ID41's hdmi sound issues, the title of this post is missleading for all the good information it is in here.

Thanks for all your help

Ups! I pressed Post by mistake

This is what I use to get sound

pcm.!default {
     type plug
     slave {
         pcm "plughw:0,7"

Adding this at the end of the file makes it work.  The only problem is that I Can't get any of my videos to be multichanel, they are all forced to 2ch, I don't know why, and also It won't stick.

Everytime I reboot, it will add

pcm. !default asym_hdmi
and mess things up!

Hi Bushtech,

I disable the intel HDA at the bios so I always get card 0 without doing the alsa-base.conf trick.
I always get sound using speakertest.  Right now I get sound using plughw:0,7.
I even run
Code: [Select]
speaker-test -c8 -r 48000 -D plughw:0,7 this is pink noise 8 channels so I can test my DENON 7.1ch setup without problems. 
I believe my problem is at the asound.conf, it always adds
pcm. !default asym_hdmi
at the end of the file and I don't know where it comes from
since the device "asym_hdmi" is not working I get no sound. 

If I modify the asound template and change "plughw:0,7" like this:

pcm.asym_hdmi {
        type asym
        playback.pcm "hdmi_playback"
        capture.pcm "plughw:0,7"

The only way to get audio in kdesktop an xine is by putting this at the end of asound

pcm.!default {


Can you try undoing those changes to the template, and in web admin, under media directors, try changing HDMI-0   to HDMI-0,7  and report back? A reload will likely be in order.

Hi, L3mce
No sound, here is the what have I done

linux-backports-modules-alsa-`uname -r`    This enabled card detection by alsa

Everything else is left as defaults, no asound changes.

No sound trying
Code: [Select]
speaker-test -D hdmi -c2  nor kde desktop

Once I run
Code: [Select]
speaker-test -c 2 -l 1 -t sine -D hw:0,7
Everything else works, even using speaker-test -D hdmi -c2 or KDE, lmce etc until reboot

I have to note that asound @ etc says

pcm.asym_hdmi {
        type asym
        playback.pcm "hdmi_playback"
        capture.pcm "plughw:0"

It does not says 0,7

Any hints?


Hi to all,

No luck with ID41 aka Zotac Zbox,

What have I done.

Modified asound.conf  both at /etc and /pluto/template to point hdmi to hw:0,7
apt-get update and upgrade last night

What is the behaviour:  After fresh start or reboot, there is no sound unless I run at the console:

speaker-test -c 2 -l 1 -t sine -D hw:0,7 .  Making sure there is proper output at the speakers

Once I run speaker test, it works perfectly everywhere until next reboot.

Any hints?



Please don't state "latest snapshot" but the version number of the snapshot

Sorry, it's true, the snapshot was LMCE-1004-20120630133526148

I already found how to solve it by using this post,12418.0.html  on the ZOTAC MAG.  I trying on the ZBOX and post results


It is a bit of a pain. I am working on fixing it all.
apt-get install linux-backports-modules-alsa-`uname -r`
This will get them listed (aplay -l | grep -i 'hdmi')

You will likely have hw0 devices 3,7,8, and 9. It is almost always 3 or 7 on the id41, and seems to be completely random which. Others output on 9... others output on everything. Should look something like:
Code: [Select]
card 0: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 3: NVIDIA HDMI [NVIDIA HDMI]
card 0: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 7: NVIDIA HDMI [NVIDIA HDMI]
card 0: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 8: NVIDIA HDMI [NVIDIA HDMI]
card 0: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 9: NVIDIA HDMI [NVIDIA HDMI]
You can test with:
Code: [Select]
speaker-test -c 2 -l 1 -t sine -D hw:0,7etc based on the output of aplay where the 0 is the card and 7 is the device.

Now getting that to stick is another trick. In /usr/pluto/templates/asound.conf I would replace %MAIN_CARD% with 0,7    or whatever yours is.
pcm.asym_hdmi {
        type asym
        playback.pcm "hdmi_playback"
        capture.pcm "plughw:%MAIN_CARD%"

You may also have to add
options snd-hda-intel model=auto  or
options snd-hda-intel enable_msi=0 index=-2
to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base

Please report back with your results.

Hi L3,
I decided to upgrade the core and start all from scratch.  I downloaded the latest snapshot (yesterday) and video is no issue for neither MAG or ZBOX, It is the audio that is driving me crazy.  On the MAG, I get audio with speaker test, and also within the multimedia kde controle module, but no sound at all when playing the videos, not even if the video is open directly at the kde desktop.  With the ZBOX, I get no sound until I run the speaker test.  Once I run the speakertest at the konsole, everything works perfect.  Any hints?


Hi Tompin2

thanks fior the info.

Please can you just confirm what versions of alsa & Nvidia you are using in the ID41.


Hi Bushtech,

When I got it running (I'll explain that later), I got it running with Alsa 1.25 and Nvidia 295.   The alsa that came with the snapshot I used came with Alsa 1.22 and that one did not detected the nvidia hda at all.  After upgrading to 1.25 , it got listed as it should in aplay.  When I got it running means that I did apt get upgrade last week and rebuild the image for the zotac mag and worked perfectly.  I am doing apt upgrade tonight and going to try rebuilding the image ID41 and see how it handles audio and video.

I hope this info helps.  Keep everyone posted on how it goes.




I guess someone went ahead of me because the problem is fixed.  After doing (today) apt-get upgrade at the core and image rebuild of the zotac mag.  Video issues are corrected!

Greate Job!!!!  Was it you L3mce????

For the  hdmi sound I guess it is better to start a new post so people is not confused or lost by this post subject but in a few words I can mention what I did.

1. Figure out which port was for HDMI sound.  Check xorg log to understand hdmi "monitor" capabilities, in my case for for the MAG was no issue, for the ZBOX it was because I have a DENON receiver so the nvidia driver did not detected HDMI audio capabilities on him.
In my case device 7 was the one used for hdmi audio, like L3mce mentioned.  I modified the asound template under user pluto and that was it.  Of course that before that I did some testing to make sure that device 7 was the one.
I erased the line "options snd-hda-intel model=auto " at the modprobe/alsa-base.conf because it was causing problems with the asound.conf file.  Disabled the Intel audio board at the bios so only the NVIDIA HDA was seen.  Also for the zotac ZBOX I needed to update the alsa drivers because it was not recognize at the begining.  If anyone have any questions I will try to do my best to share my little knowledge

Ill try to post (if necesary) a new post with detailed step by step.



Dear Followers of this post.  I'm making a step by step guide to get the sound working.  With some information from the web and help with LMCE gurus, I will try to do a for dummy's guide (like me ;) ).  This guide will solve sound issues and video hopefully.  On the next reply.



Hi L3mce,

I guess I got the info too late  ;D, I guess I fix it the hard way, since I had nothing to do last night until 1 am for the next feeding of my son (2 weeks old) I decided to make a drastic test, just like the zbox

Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia-*
KBOOM! nvidia!

Code: [Select]
sudo sh
Reboot, after it, avwizard was displayed, follow it without any problems and voila!.  Did the same with the zbox and both are working perfectly (video issues,  alpha and opengl tricks etc), the audio @ the zbox will try it later.

I tried the zsync without success, it dumped an error (did not record it, sorry) and started downloading the entire image again.!  That is when I decided to wipe nvidia stuff and start from scratch!.  I hope this helps other.  I´m willing to do more test if you want in order to help as much as possible for MAG AND zboxes for future users and snapshots.



This would be me.

So, both of these boxes were working in 0810, and now neither work on 1004? That is definitely not news I want to hear.

At this moment in time, you do not need to update your own driver manually. It does what it needs to do, based on what is needed, though HDMI audio might requre a little massage (it also upgrades your alsa version) based on requirements.
If you would, please, ssh into the core, and sudo ssh moonXX (where XX is the MD number) and just copy and paste the following into each MD and pastebin or post the results here.

Code: [Select]
lspci -nn | grep VGA
grep 'Driver' /etc/X11/xorg.conf
apt-cache policy pluto-nvidia-drivers
apt-cache policy nvidia-glx-260

Lastly, how did you install? Snapshot or network? If snapshot, please note which one. Did you change any of the settings in web admin?

You do not need to revert to 810. I will get you up and running. If you want to drop into IRC I can get you going in short order, but I need to figure out why this is not happening automagically.

l3mce, Here are the results for the MAG, do you need for the zbox even tough
 video is working?
Code: [Select]
root@moon51:/home/linuxmce# lspci -nn | grep VGA
03:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: nVidia Corporation ION VGA [10de:087d] (rev b1)

root@moon51:/home/linuxmce# grep 'Driver' /etc/X11/xorg.conf
    Driver         "mouse"
    Driver         "kbd"
    Driver         "nvidia"

root@moon51:/home/linuxmce# apt-cache policy pluto-nvidia-drivers
W: Unable to locate package pluto-nvidia-drivers
root@moon51:/home/linuxmce# apt-cache policy nvidia-glx-260     
  Installed: 260.19.29-0ubuntu1
  Candidate: 260.19.29-0ubuntu1
  Version table:
 *** 260.19.29-0ubuntu1 0
        500 lucid/beta2 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

Thanks l3mce,

One quick question, do I have to to this on the router also, what about the other md (the MAG), should I do the zsync? Will this correct the video issues?
I'll try the hdmi audio changes and keep you posted. 

Thanks for all your help.


Hi Karel and L3mce,

Last night I was sooo tired that I didn't had the energy to write the entire story, so Ill try to explain a little bit more for education purpose only ;)

ZOTAC ZBOX model :1d41
ZOTAC MAG  Ill get this info later

Installation of the core was from a snapshot, Ill get the number later, Im not at home yet.  What I really did is that the Core was updated/upgraded several times until last week when I started doing both md's.   Both md's were image rebuild twice just to make sure it was done with the latest upgrades.

What where the issues:
MAG: no video playback unter UI V2, also no screensaver available (moving background images), the rest worked perfectly.  Sound via HDMI by only selecting it on the wizard, no issues during the entire process of the wizard.  Downgrading the UI to v1 I was able to watch videos but only one :S, if I try to load another, the video box was gone

ZBOX: same as above except no audio.

Both machines played video perfectly within KDE

I left the MAG as control box and started messing up with the zbox.  Last night after upgrading nvidia drivers to 295 It did nothing to solve the video problem until I did something else, apt-get upgrade last night, it did upgraded something else because I got again the avwizard and after it.  Video is perfect.  I believe it was not related to the upgrade, I believe it was related to running the avwizard after upgrading the video drivers.  I will try to do the same with the MAG (but I will get l3mce info first, sounds interesting, before erasing the evidence!.)
After manually upgrading ALSA to 1.25, aplay and mixer sees nvidia, unmuted all the channels but still no sound.  I guess Im closer to success, I hope!

As soon as I get back home Ill post the scripts results and details.



Dear Friends,

Finally after making the big decision of migrating to 1004 (from a working 810)  :-\  I am facing some issues with the video playback.  The problem is that (on both) there is no video playback, only sound, I only the the black square box where the video should be playing.  If I go to KDE desktop, xine and mplayer works perfectly.  I found that if I change the ui orbiter from v2 to v1 without alpha blend and open gl stuff I get the video output  but if I mess it up by fw or rw it will go away until Quick Reload the router.   Any hints???
As feedback to all, for the zotac MAG installation was completely smooth, even hdmi audio during avwizard but for the ZBOX im still fighting with the hdmi audio.  Hopefully by updating alsa from 1.22 to 1.25 fill fix the problem because the card is not even detected by aplay.

Video playback issues are not corrected by updating video drivers.  I installed 295 at the zbox and the problem is persistent
DENON 2311 via usb-serial cable was plug&play detected and also LG LCD screen.  

I guess I will have to go back to 810 before my wife kills me.  Before she hated the "geek" stuff by having all videos  and home automation on the TV, now she can't live without it!!!... so she continues complaining hahahahaha.... who can understand them... :S!



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