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Installation issues / Got a new one for anyone who'd like to tackle it.
« on: December 11, 2010, 12:25:44 am »
My install has been running great no real big problems until now. I tried installing some more dvd's to my library when the system prompted me that the disc was too scratched whatnot to read and install. So after waiting for about 1/2 hr and no response from the system to let me eject disc what not I had to press the reset button. Which upon reboot it laods to the normal screensaver background all my other computers on my internal network work, then when you try to click on any menus you get nothing and then a blank screen. Pressing alt f1 gets me this Ext3-fs error (device sda1):ext3_find_entry:reading directory#56583363 offset 0, over and over again cannot login to router here or through the internet screen? And now nothing works except the screensaver image? Is there a way to roll-back or what ever to recover if there was an error? Because after loading about 100 movies and having my entire house setup and running i would hate to have to reinstall? Like I said it has been working flawless but now I am at a loss here, everything on the core is brand new, mobo, hard drive, mem, cpu, case? After searching a bit more I am thinking it might be the hard drive, nothing worse than a brand new hard drive crapping after 30 days!!!!

Installation issues / Playback Question
« on: November 29, 2010, 05:31:52 am »
So everything on my new install works great. Except when trying to play files that I transfered from my other Ubuntu computer located on my internal network. I had issues with not being able to access the files on my other computer so I switched to the KDE desktop on my core and browsed the network from within there. Found everything fine, moved the files to where my other movie files are located on my core. Now when I go on my media director and press play I get the unable to play disk pop up?  All my other movies that I added via dvd play flawlessly so where might I have gone wrong? And fyi when I first set up my ubuntu computer on the network I enabled using it for storage and such, Mce created a folder within my shared folders for pvr files live tv but that is it no other places to drop video/ audio files. I realize I am still very wet behind the ears but what could be wrong this time?? Thanks for anyones help in advance. And if this has been covered and I missed it doing a search just kindly let me know as I have not found anything so far, at least that I was able to comprehend.

Installation issues / Low Profile Tv Card? Whats the best for LinuxMCE
« on: November 17, 2010, 10:11:49 pm »
I have searched a bit on the wiki and the forums am looking for some suggestions on what card people have had good results with. I have a low profile pc that needs a low profile card with bracket.  I was looking at the win tv hvr 2250 as it fits the bill, just haven't found anything listed recently if this card's abilities are fully up and running with LinuxMCE. The most recent article I found was from Aug this year. According to the wiki it's listed but with no ratings next to it. So if anyone is using this card for regular cable tv reception and it's working let me know. Thanks. I would also consider the hdhomerun but we only have a handful of clear qam in my area. Either way give me some feedback on either of these or your card, like I said just looking for suggestions that are current.

Installation issues / Rookie in need of some help
« on: November 14, 2010, 08:25:55 am »
Ok first time user of linuxmce. Installed 8.10 everything looks great and I even got some of my x10 things working. Problem is with media director. Gone through all the links on the internet I could find with no luck. Heres my setup, Ethernet cable from my cable modem to my core/ media director, another ethernet cable from my core/ media director to a netgear wireless router where everything else in my house hooks to. When I try to netboot my acer revo it never connects? I have tried to run the /usr/pluto/bin/ because I thought thats what was wrong but still nothing. Nothing ever pops up on my core saying something new was detected not even a usb drive with music on it? I figure I must be missing something major in my install or something?  ???

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