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Users / Re: wiimote on 810 alpha2
« on: November 09, 2011, 02:01:30 pm »

EDIT: In the mean time, I finished working on a USB Gamepad driver to control Orbiter, and it is currently in the 10.04 branch, and needs testers.

Just one question: I am wondering if your work towards the new WiiMote driver will be available in 810, or if it is "reserved" for 1010 (or is it 1004)?... Or put another way: Should we all now migrate to 1010, since all new developments and problem solving will be done there (unless we have a 100% working 810, that we are not going to expand)??

I now for sure I am going to implement the WiiMote - this cheap device makes soo much sense as an orbiter... (well actually as a remote for the UI orbiter).


Installation issues / Re: New 1004 Installer Testing
« on: November 08, 2011, 10:21:15 am »
Can I add a suggestion?

How about maintaining a (few) working Virtual machine snapshots? Since so many of us has the capability of running either VMWare, KVM or Virtual Box it could perhaps improve vastly on the resource pool for debugging etc. This will of course not test the install script in its own right, but accelerate the path to more mature core distros, and even allow for easier route to getting physical MDs to work.

This could flatten the learning curve for newcomers... Something worth considering, I believe many potential users (->testers --> contributors) have been lost due to not even getting through 1st install of the most mature beta/DVD snapshot

I have VMWare and would volunteer to create a snapshot (VMWare calls it a "Virtual Appliance") - do we have proper filespace to upload these? (my upload is only 2Mbit, meaning I can not host myself). It would probably be worth just keeping a few WM snapshot, rather than 50 DVD install snapshots...

I will of course get to that snapshot via the installer script, but probably not do create_diskless (no point before installing dvd-libs). It should be a very small issue to then make a wiki (with few pitfalls) for how the setup the virtual NICs, add dvd-libs and run create_diskless, and then new testers could have a working core in no time... I could even write a wiki for how to increase Virtual Disks (since it is a no-brainer in a virtualized environment), should some choose to keep their test install and run a "production core" from that..

In the end, we should be interacting more with the MD than with the core ;)
(and a working 10.10 is probably the better route, even that my 8.10 is acting OK so far - but I haven't received my new USB DVB-S cards yet, they could force me to 10.10 sooner than later)


Users / Re: Controlling Denon A/V (avr-1908) WITOUT RS232, but with i/r
« on: November 07, 2011, 01:46:58 pm »

Now, I WOULD recommend replacing your Denon receiver with a model that has RS232 (as these are very prevalent and inexpensive, i.e. 2308/2309/2310/2311 Denon has a habit of using the last two digits as a year number for the model.)


Sadly not that simple... The wife requires silver components, meaning at least a €2.000 4311 or a used model, but with Airplay being in all current models that would be crazy... Perhaps since there is network in all new models (the xx12 line, above 1612) it would be possible to write a tcp control template??? Then its only the colour problem, but that probably only applies to a few of us... Denon decided to only offer silver for the top-line models :(


Users / Re: Controlling Denon A/V (avr-1908) WITOUT RS232, but with i/r
« on: November 07, 2011, 01:36:18 pm »
Hi Toppot

I have submitted a template for my 1708. Most of the buttons have been loaded
Switch Inputs, On/Off, Volume.

I have submitted it to the site for inclusion, but if its not there I can send you all the IR codes if u want.

Would be great - have you discovered discrete volume settings via i/r, or am I dreaming a little to much here???


Users / Controlling Denon A/V (avr-1908) WITOUT RS232, but with i/r
« on: November 07, 2011, 01:19:08 pm »
Tried to browse the wiki and forum, so far no luck. I have installed an MD, and chose the Denon AVC-A1SRA (RS232) as my receiver - assuming I could change it to i/r, since this model does not have any RS232 port, and I have an USB_UIRT and a remote for the Jetway ION that I run the MD on...

btw: cool that this remote works with USB-UIRT out of the box - but I assume it is similar to Win MCE remotes (has the same buttons). How do you guys with that remote select "Media" or "Ambience"???? Can't seem to find a button, but perhaps mapping off red and green would work (haven't figured out how to do that yet)

Back on topic: I can’t seem to find out change control method for a Denon receiver. When browsing templates I can find some Denon RCUs... But how to select? Should I create a new device, and then add that remote as child, or???


Users / Re: How to setup LMCE/Mythtv for multicast IPTV receive?
« on: September 21, 2011, 03:12:09 pm »

I'm using similar setup under 7.10. Since mythtv in 7.10 can not receive mp4 udp streams, I've put vlc in the middle. Receiving IPTV streams on one side and serving rtsp streams to clients - mythtv being one of them. The most interesting possibility in such setup is that you can receive rtsp streams also on any PC with vlc client... Therefore I can watch my iptv also on laptops around the house... Nice feature...




@Bulek: I could use a bit of assistance on how you achieved this. I have tried to setup VLC to serve UDP streams to myth, but with no success. I tweaked the "dreambox how-to" to my needs, but I have not managed to get it working. My setup:

IPBOX sat-reciever that serves http-streams from h**p://ipbox-ip:4000 and channel change via h**p://ipbox-ip/cgi-bin/interfaces&ZAP&Channel-name

Getting vlc deamon to show an active instance is working, but I can not get myth to "tune" to my m3u files, and even when I put in a manual channel it is not working. I have not yet attempted channel change, although it should not be too difficult (allthough it has to be names not channel numbers being sent, or I should use IR, which would be lame since it can be controlled via http...)

Can you give any advise? thanks


Installation issues / Re: Ubuntu 8.10 end of life breaks installer
« on: November 13, 2010, 08:40:14 am »
Could somebody please come with a "cookbook" for installing latest snapshot (23388, 23426 or 23431)?

I have tried all, updated the sources list - but haven't manage even seeing the A/V wizard!

The install process differs quite a lot from 23388 to 23431 - so info on which order to do which steps in which snapshot to get the best result would be much appreciated.

Am not a total noob (be working with CentOS/Red Hat for 10+ years. And even at some point (probably 0710) tested LMCE...


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