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Users / Re: good core.
« on: April 04, 2011, 04:47:22 pm »
i believe that some are going to try to make a pandaboard into a core, as soon as they receive one which might be a while

i understand your apprehensiveness with continuing, but if you do ill be able to help much more as i now have a local mirror of the ubuntu sources so now every time i install its not going out the internet which will greatly decrease my install time.

just thought that i would add if l3mce picks this back up, has had a slight change that he may want to incorporate

Developers / Re: Pandaboard full media director ???
« on: March 31, 2011, 07:07:23 pm »
i have found that they can be powered from USB but i still cannot find if it can be powered from PoE, i dont think it can but just that feature would sell me on it

you could open it up and unsolder it and but in a resistor or something to that effect.
or fill the hole that it sits in with hot glue to diffuse the light

Developers / Re: Pandaboard full media director ???
« on: March 30, 2011, 01:20:59 am »
excuse my stupid question, but what are the packages needed for a media director?? There is a list of packages or an example of media director??

could be a start, take the mini version of hari?


might to want to look at link below as there are 2 more packages needed to use all functionality

after looking through the specs these boards interest me alot and i might purchase one when i have the money

Users / Re: Snapshot testing
« on: March 30, 2011, 01:17:13 am »
i dont know how you would do it but maybe a script that tests each part?

Developers / Re: Pandaboard full media director ???
« on: March 29, 2011, 01:53:52 am »
um, why would you add a second nic if its going to be used as an MD, unless the onboard was too slow

its good to hear that you got it working, im just curious if you did 1004 or 0810

well i dont want to be a downer but mine failed on grub installation, but that i mounted from the raw .iso on a vm so now ill burn it to a dvd and try on hardware

also, this new script made a much bigger .iso than i was getting previously, 2.5 gigs, i was wondering if thats what you got also?

i just started over on building it so i thought i would document my process so others could try or i can be corrected if im doing something wrong.
Install Ubuntu server 10.04 32 bit
Code: [Select]
sudo su
nano /etc/apt/sources.list
add deb ubuntu/
apt-get update
apt-dist upgrade
apt-get install xorg kdm kde-minimal subversion pmount remastersys 'dvd+rw-tools'
shutdown -r now
open konsole after reboot
Code: [Select]
sudo su
svn co
chmod 777 /home/user_name/new-installer
add and to the new-installer directory
cd new-installer
apt-get -f upgrade

there were the cp errors that are always there and it didnt think that there was a dvd in the drive but i think i know why, but i cant copy my .iso out of my VM cause its throwing a fit so i cant test if the .iso boots yet.

with the latest files i ran into an error
growisofs:line 175: command not found
i think it is a permissions problem because i know the dvd+rw-tools is installed, but i would add that to the line that installs remastersys just to be sure it gets installed
i have to do some work on vm then, ill try again so i can mount the .iso next time :)

59 will not be found if it is not there, so please edit the two scripts to reflect your different directory. Or try
Code: [Select]
sudo su
mv -r /home/USER_NAME/new-installer /root/
Obviously change the USER_NAME to reflect yours.
I will write some logic into handling this later. I was going to take a break from this for a few days, but ended up doing all night because I kept working things out.

I have a spacing error that appears after some of the "= " which is preventing it from forcing out some packages. Just ignore them till I get sed right.
This latest one should run, only throwing some dpkg errors. There will be no videos. I am just reimaging avwiz and running, fixing errors as I go. Sorry for the amount of them that didn't run correctly.

i would just add the code you posted, so that if new-installer isnt in root it copies it there, and if it is then it just throws an not found and continues.

on an internet install, it is /home/user/new-installer, and i cant copy it into root so for now im just going to change the path for testing untill i can download and install a snapshot.

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