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From my xorg.conf:

Section "Device"
Identifier   "Device0"
Driver       "nvidia"
VendorName  "NVIDIA Corporation

Nvidia 8400 GS 512Mb DDR2 PCI-ex.

See my system on my bottom sig.

Thanks for the help guys
i3mce: ran your instruction: said something about not available but referred to by another package.

Thom: I can't get to the AVWizard. Get stuck at the Failed to setup X screen. I have pressed shift - I have punched in numbers - nothing changes. Please remember that I don't hear the startup beeps, only the descending end ones - does this signify something?

Latest on this saga:

Got myself a DVI to VGA connector, installed it, same result = AVWizard failed to setup X
Connected a second monitor to the VGA connector, so now 1 monitor on DVI/VGA and 1 on VGA port, ran it = same result

Reinstalled Lmce with 1 monitor connected to DVI/VGA. Install went fine to near the end  when a window popped up: KDE Daemon crash handler Fatal error, KDE Daemon (kded4) crashed and caused signal 11 SIGSEV. Clicked OK & inst. finished. Reboot = same result with text scrolling slowly past saying something about buffer I/O error.

Rebooted again, with second monitor attached, OK, no scrolling text but still ends in same result
Can now reboot OK without 2nd monitor but still always ends in same result.

Ran sudo apt-get update, sudo apt -get upgrade. Nothing downloaded. Linuxmce ver 2.6.27-15. Is this the latest?

Have tried the escape shift punching numbers thing - no effect. ( I never hear the start beeps, only the descending beeps at high speed)

Ok, so where do I go from here? :

Try to Install the latest nvidia driver as per first post? And then?

Curiously, if I look at the xorg.log file there's lots of stuff about my Samsung monitors, refresh rates etc but if I look at the xorg file itself theres just a bit of generic info in there, doesn't even say what type of monitor it is.

Could it be that it's not managing to update the xorg.conf file?

 It would really help if people who've heard the fat lady sing ( If you can see me etc) ( I've never heard it)can tell me what's going on here & where to go from here.

Intel quad core q9550
mobo: asus P5P43TD

for standalone core

I see my link got truncated. I tried both these:

I'm not very good with Linux commands and man wget is a big doc


Thanks for the reply. I've got the right url, tried it on another machine. The url also works on curl, but I can't get it to work with wget. I'm not sure where I'm going wrong

Installation issues / AV Wizard - Failed to setup X - can't download driver
« on: September 25, 2010, 10:47:59 pm »
Hi all
I'm trying to update my graphics driver via command line. computer stuck - can only access terminal.

Using the example I got from here:

= root@dcerouter:~# wget<version>/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-<version>

I've tried:
root@kkserver:~# wget

root@kkserver:~# wget

Both connect OK but come back with : ERROR 404: not found

Am I doing something stupid? Please help a linux noobie

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