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Developers / Re: New Event Plug-in proposal
« on: November 15, 2010, 11:47:03 am »

One thought if you are looking into this, I have used timed events to handle my heating system and have thought that the ability to handle event modes would be really handy (this may already be doable but I haven't yet found it).

This way you could have multiple modes for your houses heating, for example,

Timed:Use a pre defined set of times to turn the heating on and off
Auto: Use a temperature sensor do decide the heating requirements
On: Just put the heating on regardless of the time and/or temperature
Boost: Turn the heating on for 1 hour then reset to previous settings.

These modes would then show up in the climate panel of the UI for quick and easy setting.  Like I say this may already be possible, but if you are re-thinking the events module then it could be worth adding in. 

Lastly I'm not that up to speed on LMCE yet, but if you need any help with simple coding or UI work I would be more than willing to help.

Thanks tux-box, I will have a look at that.

I managed to get the Raid working, but i'm not sure what finally did it as I was expecting it to show up on the core UI, ither in manage drives or as a prompt.  I only noticed it was working when I dropeed into Kubuntu and saw a folder structure, and when I added media via the Lan It picked it up in LMCE.

Not tried the different graphics card yet but I have been playing with the raid array.

I added the following to the xxxxxxxx
modprobe md
mdadm --assemble -s

This has enabled me to use the webadmin raid utility, so I have created the array but this has not been detected by
lMCE.  To try and get the drive noticed I have tried a hand full of ideas from the fourms, so far I have tried,
* fdisk the /dev/md1 to ext3
* cleared the PnpQueue from the sql table
* cleared the unknown devices
* removed and re-added the array
But whatever i do I cannot get LMCE to see the new drive.  Can anyone suggest anything?


Still not got anywhere with the Vsync, I think I'm going to try my spare graphics card and see if it makes any difference.

Also I have not been having any luck with the software raid, after I setup the whole raid manually I rebooted, after witch it lost any relocation that I had created a raid, even after I ran "Sudo modprobe md-mod" again.  It really seams to me like the system is trying to work but just has a switch turned off somewhere, does anyone know anything about this?


Thanks for the link ckerkhoff, this could come in handy, but my main problem is syncing the image and jumpyness (if thats a word). 

Okay, have just been messing with the Vsync Issue.

tried the Pre-LMCE xorg.conf;  No over-scan, nice and crisp, still jumpy and not v-syncing

tried putting the native res and refresh in the webadmin; came up saying the transparency wasn't working, and when i checked the xorg.conf files was blank (/etc/X11).

Reset the Webadmin back to 1280x720, then changed the xorg.conf modeline to "Modeline "1360x768" 85.5 1360 1424 1536 1792 768 771 777 795" in refrence to some timings found on  This No over-scan, nice and crisp, v-sync is better but still not quite right.

Okay, it's been a while since I last posted, but I have been playing with LMCE a lot and have small list of problems I am struggling to get my head around.  Some of the problems I have a few more ideas to try, some I'm at a bit of a loss and am wondering if anyone can guide me.

My system: Core
MB:  Asus M4A77
CPU:  AMD Athlon II X2 235e
GPU:  Nvidia 9400GT
TVCard:  Leadtek DTV2000 rev J
Optics:  Liteon 4x Bluray
Storage: 1x300GB for OS, 3x1.5TB for media (Raid 5)
OS:  0810 beta Buid 23165
Display: Samsung 32"

The first issue has been with my core/hybrid, It's connected to a samsung 32" TV via a HDMI cable, but I get a constant Vsync problem, and an overscan problem.  When going through the install process I noticed that in KDE, before LMCE is installed, the screen looks perfect, fits nicely in all the corners, and syncs properly.  When I install LMCE it doesn't fit the screen and starts loose vsync on moving images.

I have looked into this and tried a lot of things already, but I think I have narrowed it down to LMCE does not by default support my TV's native resolution of 1360 768/60.015, so on my last install I saved a copy of the xorg.conf before LMCE and will try forcing it to run.  I know this will make the orbiter the wrong size but I figure I can still check if its working or not, and create the orbiter settings after.

Just wondering if anyone else has had similar problems, and/or why the built in support (I think it's part of the Nvidia driver) for automatically setting up the monitor that works in KDE is overwritten in LMCE?

Software Raid
Found that the WebAdmin didn't work for setting up the raid on my 3 1.5TB drives.  After some googling I
found out that if I ran the command "sudo modprobe md-mod" then suddenly the mdadm commands started to work, and ovular, the web-admin raid started to work.  I decided to setup manually (just so I know how it
works), but every time I restart the computer I have to run "sudo modprobe md-mod".  I'm going to add this
to the start-up but wondered if this was done on purpose, or is there an option already somewhere to enable raid support?

Laptop Orbiter
I have "Modified" and old laptop (Dell Inspiron 5100) I was given into a tablet PC and was trying to get this to netboot as a thin client, however when it boots up it just comes up with the message "Failed to start X".  I have noticed that when the core boots the "V412" fails, am I correct in thinking this is the ATI drivers package, and if so would this mean the netboot device would be missing the ati display drivers? (It has onboard ati graphics, and yes i know i cannot use UI2AB but hey, it was free)

TV Tuner
Unfortunately my TV card is not natively supported, however I have seen on the wiki ( there is a walk through, I have tried this once with no success and wondered if it makes any difference that I'm using the VDR software rather than Mythtv, iso am I doing the right thing by using VDR, only reason I chose it is because in the setup the description sounded better (better setup for digital signals).

From what I gather there is no native support for this at the moment (due to some git adding over the top encryption to them) in LMCE or in fact in Linux at all.  I did however notice some work that has been done with MakeMKV to be able to stream the decrypted file to other players, has anyone played with this yet? (

All in all I'm making progress, and starting to get use to Linux commands (very daunting at first).  I have a machine put to one side that I'm going to setup as a development rig, but I wanted to get my core up and running first and get used to using the system.

Developers / Re: Fresh meat.
« on: June 28, 2010, 12:26:13 am »
Fresh Meat, your screen name is Swinging Johnson, your first post screams "look at me, Im an attention whore" and you think the moderators here arent going to notice.

Huh? Rather an offensive way of starting communication with someone don't you think? and who's Swinging Johnson?

On a more relevant note, I've had a look around those links Thom, the linux is still a bit over my head at the moment but I think i'm making progress.  I have been playing with bootable USB keys for the last few evenings, been using the WIKI entry on GURB PXE as a guide and trying to sus out what all the commands are doing, which has made me realize that i really need to read up on linux more.

Developers / Re: Fresh meat.
« on: June 22, 2010, 03:51:23 pm »
Thanks Thom,

I will have a look around that tonight and see about getting myself a development platform running (Don't want to wreck my current Media Center install).

I think one of my first steps will have to be getting more familiar with linux, I seam to be chansing my tail a bit at the moment.  Google here we come!

Developers / Re: Fresh meat.
« on: June 22, 2010, 02:13:05 pm »
Nope, But i just googled it and it says it's a revision control system, basicly a PDM system.

So I guess there must be some kinda server somwhere where we host all the scorce code and if we want to work on a section we Check it out, update, and check in?

Developers / Fresh meat.
« on: June 22, 2010, 01:29:24 pm »
Hi guys

I'm new to the forums and thought I would introduce myself and see what kind of projects are on the go.  I work as a petrochemical engineer in the Isle of Man (small rock in the Irish sea), and do quite a lot of VB.Net programming making control systems for the factory. 

I have been using Vista MCE for a while (with an Xbox extender as that all you can get) and thought I would build a new "Ultimate" media centre to control my house and act as a file server.  I have had a look around at almost all the programs I could use for this and so far LMCE has the most promise of fulfilling my goal. 

So, it comes down to this, I want to use LMCE but see there are some parts of it I would like to tweak, and as this is a community project thought I would get started by seeing what's already happening rather than just doing my own thing.

My Strengths,
    Hardware Software interfacing, I have a bit of electrical engineering under my belt so I can make some simple hardware.
    VB.Net Syntax
    GUI components (got an A level in art)
    Work instructions / manuals (dull but I do this a lot at work)
My Weaknesses
    Linux, this is the first time I have used it and it's proving a steep learning curve
    C syntax, again I know programming fundamentals but not great with the C syntax
    Beer drinking, or is that a strength? hummmmmm.

Things I was thinking of tweaking
* UI, mainly media searching, making it look prettier, and ironing out some bugs, like sort by album showing 30 same albums when the album contains various artists.
* Play list making, trying to make an add to play list button 

Anyway, I'm gona shut up for now and see if you think I can be of any help.


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