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Got through the wizards, still did not see the video with Sara, I have no internet on my internal network all though I can ping
I have installed libdvd, and DVDs still will not play I select play then the screen goes back to the default with Flickr.

Just burning a new dvd as i seen a new snapshot in the mirrors down at the bottom LinuxMCE-8.10-23002-i386.iso 01-Jun-2010 12:17  3.8G.
So i will give it a try, will update soon.

Update to ubove posts.
Reboot complete, I have LMCE on my screen with pics from flicker.
insert standed audio cd did not get any audio,
insert dvd it is detected but does not play returns to default screen.
Now i reinstall again.

Please help me out here i will do any leg work needed.
I'm a Linux noob

Update to the above post.

OK still no Video or sound, so I will continue.
My TV card was not detected just a black box, there was no add-on software just a black box, my MCE remote did not work.
Selected “Start using system”

I have a Dell XPS Gen5, 3.2Ghz CPU, 3GB Ram, 120GB SATA Pri, 1TB SATA SEC, GeForce 8600 1GB, Creative Surround Sound 5.1 USB, running through optic. WinTV HVR 1800 MCE
JVC LT42-EX17 42in HDMI 1080i TV.
Yamaha Natural Sound Receiver HTR-5930 5.1.
Time Warner Cable Kansas City, no Set-top Box just straight to the TV

I have tried to install LinuxMCE 8.10, 16 times in two days and I’m now staring at the AV wizard for the 17th time, I have to select DVI/HDMI 720p, even though my TV is 42in 1080i HDMI, anything I try just won’t work I get blank screen.
I cannot get audio at all, I have tried selecting optic and analog all though I did get audio once when I selected analog and yes I am using and optic connection to my AV receiver, I’m am not getting audio right now.
I’m now looking at the next wizard the one that says “if you can see and hear me, select the ‘next` button and press enter”
No I don’t see her and I don’t hear her, I have a black box where the video is supposed to be and the  whole screen seems flash every so often.

Gonna wait 15 minutes and see what happens,
Any help would be excellent

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